Who Is Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend Lloyd Gist? 17 Years Girl Fell 30 Feet To Her Death

People want to know about Zoe Afton McKinney boyfriend Lloyd Gist. 17 years girl Zoe Afton McKinney Fell 30 feet to her death.

Utah Teen, Zoe Afton McKinney tragically died after falling 30 feet to her death while hiking in Kane Creek Canyon. The 17-year-old was hiking with her friends on the Moab Rim Trail in eastern Utah when the incident occurred. According to the police, Zoe slipped and fell “down of a sheer cliff face,” and her friends were unable to reach her safely.

After the accident, Zoe’s friends called 911, and police and other law enforcement agencies arrived on the site to reach her using harnesses and climbing equipment. Unfortunately, the authorities discovered her “dead from the fall.” This heartbreaking news has left her boyfriend, Lloyd Gist, devastated.

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Who Is Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend Lloyd Gist?

Zoe Afton McKinney’s boyfriend, Lloyd Gist, is an 18-year-old who moved to Moab two years ago. Zoe was one of the first people to contact him upon his arrival. Lloyd describes her as having “the brightest smile” and being “the loveliest person” who would do anything for anyone.

Their relationship began when Zoe complimented Lloyd’s beanie, and they started chatting in class the following day. They quickly became inseparable, and Zoe, who was a cheerleader, attended all of Lloyd’s football games.

Zoe Afton McKinney Boyfriend Lloyd Gist. (Source: Meaww)

Despite her small size, Zoe was fearless and determined. She aspired to be an EMT and loved off-road riding, even though she couldn’t put her feet on the ground of a giant dirt bike. Lloyd recalls how they were always together and jokes that if anyone couldn’t find him, they should have called Zoe first.

Sadly, Zoe passed away after falling 30 feet to her death while hiking in Kane Creek Canyon. Lloyd is devastated by her loss, and they had plans to move in together once Zoe graduated high school this summer.

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More Details on Their Relationship

Lloyd Gist, the boyfriend of Zoe Afton McKinney, who tragically passed away after falling 30 feet while hiking in Utah, has been left devastated by her death. Lloyd and Zoe had a close relationship, and they had planned to move in together once she graduated from high school this summer.

Ellie Gist, Lloyd’s mother, shared a heartfelt post on Facebook, asking people to pray for her son as he mourns the loss of his “only Zoe.” She also praised Zoe for being a remarkable human being who loved Lloyd with all her heart.

Lloyd Gist and Utah hiker who fell 30 feet to death ‘were inseparable.’ (Source: TODAY)

Zoe was described by Lloyd as having the “greatest smile” and being “simply the sweetest.” She was an avid off-road rider and never let her small size hold her back.

According to the Moab City Police Department, Zoe slipped and fell “down of a sheer rock face” while hiking the Moab Rim Trail with her friends. Despite their efforts to reach her safely, she tragically passed away from the fall.

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