Who Is Keean Bexte On Twitter? Wikipedia Age And Family

Keean Bexte has a huge fan following on his social media accounts, including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook page. But who is Keean Bexte?

If you’re a part of the age group between 18-35 and interested in celebrities, then you may have come across the name “Keean Bexte” trending on the internet. But, who is Keean Bexte and why is his name making waves?

Keean Bexte is a popular journalist, political commentator, and media personality based in Canada, known for his conservative views and independent journalism. He’s gained a significant following on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube due to his unique perspectives on various topics, including politics, culture, and social issues.

Recently, Keean Bexte’s name has been trending on the internet due to his controversial comments on a certain sensitive topic. While his views have sparked debates and discussions among netizens, it’s clear that his online presence and influence cannot be ignored.

In a world where social media plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion and celebrity status, Keean Bexte’s popularity is a testament to his strong voice and ability to engage with his audience.

Who Is Keean Bexte On Twitter?

Kean Bexte is an award-winning independent journalist from Canada, making a name for himself worldwide. As the founder of his venture, TheCounterSignal, Bexte has reported on numerous stories from Hong Kong to the White House.

With a Twitter handle of @TheRealKeean, the prominent journalist has amassed a following of over 258K followers on the platform. Bexte’s YouTube channel, which boasts almost 21K subscribers, features news-related videos that attract a diverse audience.

Keean Bexte is the editor-in-chief of the influential news outlet, TheCounterSignal. (Image Source: Twitter)

In addition to his Twitter and YouTube channels, Bexte has a Facebook page with 8.2K likes and 11K followers. In his bio, Bexte describes himself as a “journalist broadcasting truth.”

Apart from his journalistic endeavors, Bexte has been involved in supporting Dutch farmers who are protesting against the government’s plans to limit nitrogen emissions in The Hague. The presence of a Dutch flag beside his name on his social media profiles is an indication of his support for their cause.

Keean Bexte Wikipedia Age Education

Keean Bexte is a well-known independent Journalist in Canada who runs his website, TheCounterSignal, to share news and information. He appears to be in his mid/late 30s and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Bexte gained recognition for his coverage of Dutch farmers’ protests, for which TheCounterSignal raised 8,000 Canadian dollars to send him to the Netherlands. He also created a website called DutchUprising during that time.

Besides, Keean Bexte has appeared in several TV shows and podcasts, including Timcast IRL, The Ingraham Angle, and Covidland (miniseries). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences (Minor in Economics) from the University of Calgary.

Keean Bexte is a 2018 University of Calgary graduate who majored in Natural Sciences. (Image Source: YouTube)

Bexte worked as a research assistant and ministerial staff at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada before joining Rebel News Networks as a full-time video Journalist in September 2018. However, he left the network in March 2021 to start his venture at TheCounterSignal.

There are some controversies surrounding Keean Bexte’s past, as CBS reported in August 2018 that he was accused of endorsing an alt-right and anti-feminist movie and attempting to destroy the Wild Rose Party within a University organization. Additionally, he expressed support for abolishing citizenship for children born in Canada to parents who are not citizens.

Keean Bexte Family – Parents And Siblings

It’s understandable that many of Keean Bexte’s followers might be curious about his family and personal life. However, Keean has kept details about his family and parents private, and no information is available in the public domain at this time.

Despite this, Keean Bexte’s achievements as an independent Journalist are noteworthy. He has gained a considerable following on social media platforms and has reported on numerous global issues. Perhaps, in the future, he might share more about his personal life, but for now, his professional endeavors remain the focus of attention.

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