Where Is Somara Theodore Going After Leaving NBC4? New Job And Salary

Where is Somara Theodore going after leaving NBC4? After almost 5 years, Somara Theodore is departing NBC4 Washington.

In July 2017, Somara Theodore joined the Brand studio. She is renowned for serving as the host of WEWS News and the Weekend Show on N.B.C. However, after leaving NBC4, many of her followers are curious about Where Is Somara Theodore Going?

She was inspired to pursue her career as a meteorologist because she had grown up in places with various seasonal temperatures, such as Los Angeles and New York City. She earned a meteorology bachelor’s degree from Penn State University, where she participated in the Penn State skating club, the women in science and engineering club, and the weather risk management group during college.

Through fundraising skating events, Somara contributed to the funding of children with cancer from August 2011 to May 2012. She started her career as a field researcher at Penn State C.H.A.N.C.E. and worked as an intern for WUSA-TV and The Weather Channel due to her intense interest in weather reports and related occurrences. Later, she worked for NASA as a research assistant in Micrometeorology and became acquainted with the Ozone profiles inside forest canopies.

She started as the host of the Good Morning Cleveland programs for WEWS News Channel 5 before transitioning to Weekend Meteorologist. Along with her on-screen work, she is also a writer, influencer, and host, boasting over 25K Instagram followers.

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Is Somara Theodore Leaving NBC4?

Somara Theodore’s departure from NBC 4 Washington was announced on February 12, 2023. After spending one and a half years at WEWS News Channel 5, Somara joined NBC in 2017 and covered various natural events during her time there.

NBC4 Washington is a TV station located in Washington, DC, that reports on the latest in sports, entertainment, and culture. It was established on June 27, 1947, and has had notable events such as Toscanini and a boxing match featured on the station.

Where Is Somara Theodore Going After Leaving NBC4? (Source: NBC4 Washington)

As a StormTeam 4 meteorologist at NBC, Somara focused on weather, traffic, breaking news, and entertainment. Her coverage was not only anticipated on Sunday but also covered by WTOP radio and NBCWashington.com.

Somara accurately reported the hourly weather variations during both the Late Weather and nighttime weather sessions.

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Where Is Somara Theodore Going After Leaving NBC4?

Somara Theodore has found a new home as the weather reporter for the Today Show, where she has recently taken over for Al Roker as a temporary correspondent due to his health difficulties.

Despite being a newcomer, Theodore quickly won over fans with her warm and endearing personality while providing weather updates on the program. Even the Today staff members expressed their gratitude for her excellent performance in the forecasting show, despite her being relatively new to the industry.

Somara Theodore is a Meteorologist with StormTeam 4. (Source: The US Sun)

The American program tweeted a clip of her presentation in which she looked stunning in a yellow outfit while providing winter weather reports to the nation.

Initially, when she appeared on the Today Show, Theodore was still connected to NBC4, where she kept up her schedule while educating the audience on the latest forecast data. However, after filling in for Roker for two months, she officially announced her retirement from NBC4 Washington to focus entirely on her new role as Al Roker’s replacement.

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