What Happened With Rachel Hollis? Divorce History And Relationship Timeline With Dave hollis

The public is interested in learning what happened to Rachel Hollis after her ex-husband Dave Hollis passed away.

Rachel Hollis, the renowned self-help author and motivational speaker, has recently shared her thoughts regarding the unexpected death of her ex-husband, Dave Hollis.

As many of you may know, Dave Hollis was a former Disney distribution chief who was instrumental in leading the company to surpass $7 billion in global box office grosses in a single year.

Unfortunately, he passed away on February 11 at the age of 47, after being admitted to the hospital for heart-related issues. However, the exact cause of his death and further details surrounding the incident have not yet been disclosed to the public.

What Happened With Rachel Hollis?

The unexpected death of Dave Hollis, the former Disney distribution chief, has left many people curious about the wellbeing of his ex-wife, Rachel Hollis. In response to the heartbreaking news of Dave’s passing, Rachel took to Instagram to express her grief and share how she and their four children were coping with the tragedy.

On February 14, just a day after the news broke, Rachel posted a brief update on her Instagram page, which included a photo of a black square with a broken heart emoji.

Former Disney Exec. Died in his sleep and had recently been hospitalized
for heart issues. (Source: Twitter)

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In her message, Rachel conveyed the deep sadness and shock that she and her family were feeling, and expressed how difficult it was to find the right words to describe their emotions. She went on to urge her followers to pray for her children as they struggled to come to terms with the unimaginable loss of their father.

Rachel Hollis Divorce History: Why Did They Split?

Rachel and Dave Hollis decided to end their 16-year marriage in 2020 after three years of working to repair their relationship. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Rachel expressed that their separation was a respectful and healthier decision for their journey as a married couple.

In an Instagram post, Rachel made an announcement that she and Dave made the incredibly difficult decision to end their marriage. (Source: Instagram)

While Rachel Hollis initially shared the news of their split, Dave later addressed the divorce in a now-deleted Instagram post, stating that Rachel told him that they could both become the individuals they were truly meant to be apart.This conversation reportedly happened two days after the couple celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary.

In his post, Dave also shared that Rachel’s recollection of their memories made him feel ashamed of his future vision that he had kept to himself.

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Rachel Hollis Relationship Timeline With Dave Hollis

Rachel and Dave Hollis first met in Los Angeles and started dating for two years before getting married in 2004. Rachel, who gained fame after a viral Facebook post about postpartum stretch marks, became a household name with the release of her 2018 self-help book, Girl, Wash Your Face. Dave, on the other hand, served as the President of Disney’s global theatrical distribution.

In a bid to expand their joint success, the couple established The Hollis Company and launched the Rise Together podcast and daily live streams for their growing fan base.

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