What Happened To Katie Stubblefield? Why Did She Commit Suicide- Face Transplant

People are interested in Katie Stubblefield’s past and the circumstances that led to her face transplant.

In May 2017, the Cleveland Clinic performed a groundbreaking face transplant surgery on Katie Stubblefield, who had severely shot herself in the face during a suicide attempt in March 2014. The surgery, which lasted a staggering 31 hours, made Stubblefield the youngest face transplant patient in the history of the United States.

After a year and a half of recovery, Stubblefield revealed that the face transplant had transformed her life and helped her feel complete once more. Despite the physical and emotional challenges she faced during her recovery, Stubblefield persevered and proved that it is possible to overcome even the most severe adversity.

The face transplant surgery involved transplanting the scalp, forehead, upper and lower eyelids, eye sockets, nose, upper cheeks, upper jaw and half of lower jaw, upper teeth, lower teeth, partial facial nerves, facial muscles, and skin. The success of the procedure was due to the skill and dedication of the surgical team, as well as Stubblefield’s remarkable resilience and determination.

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What Happened To Katie Stubblefield? 

On March 25, 2014, Katie Stubblefield’s life changed forever. At just 18 years old, Katie attempted suicide by shooting herself in the face, an act that left her severely disfigured and traumatized. Her older brother Robert discovered her in the bathroom of his Mississippi home after hearing the sound of gunfire.

Katie Stubblefield (right) is seen here with brother Robert Stubblefield (left) in this family photo. (Source: abcnews.go.com)

Katie has no memory of the day that she lost her face or much of the year that followed, including the time she spent in a hospital in Oxford, Mississippi. She was later flown to a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, before being transferred to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, where she would eventually receive a life-changing face transplant.

In the years that followed, Katie endured ongoing health issues, including surgery for digestive problems. She also experienced personal betrayal and her mother, Alesia, was abruptly fired from her teaching position after questioning several unethical decisions.

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Why Did Katie Stubblefield Commit Suicide?

he events that led to Katie Stubblefield’s suicide attempt were emotionally challenging and heartbreaking. It all started with a broken heart and a gun.

Before the day that would change her life forever, Katie was already dealing with numerous difficulties. As a senior in high school, she was battling health issues following an appendectomy. Both of her parents, who were teachers at her high school, had lost their jobs, adding to the family’s financial and emotional stress. These issues weighed heavily on Katie, and she struggled to cope.

On March 25, 2014, Katie’s boyfriend ended their relationship, which pushed her to the brink. Overcome with anger and upset, she drove to her older brother Robert’s house after leaving school early.

Katie Stubblefield Face Transplant- Before and After

After spending more than two years on the waiting list, Katie Stubblefield underwent a face transplant surgery in May 2017. The donor, Adrea Schneider, a 31-year-old woman who overdosed on drugs, was a match for Katie. Before the procedure, Katie underwent an extensive psychological evaluation, and the surgical team used 3D printing to help reconstruct 90% of her lower jaw.

Environmental Portrait of Katie at the Ronald McDonald House face transplant photo taken for Jennifer Guerrieri of Corporate Communication

The surgery involved transplanting Katie’s scalp, forehead, upper and lower eyelids, nose, upper cheeks, upper jaw, half of her lower jaw, as well as partial facial nerves, muscles, and skin. Dr. Brian Gastman, the plastic surgeon who led Katie’s care, explained that the transplantation effectively replaced her entire facial tissue.

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