Scarlett Johansson Shares Lessons Learned from Three Marriages, Praises Ex-Husband Ryan Reynolds

Scarlett Johansson gave a shoutout to her former spouse, Ryan Reynolds, during a recent episode of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop podcast. Johansson, who has been married three times, was discussing her past relationships with Paltrow when Reynolds’ name came up.

“We weren’t married very long, but we were when I first met you, for Iron Man [2] or whatever,” Johansson said, referring to her short-lived marriage to the Deadpool actor from 2008 to 2011. Paltrow expressed her love for Reynolds, and Johansson added, “He’s a good guy.” Reynolds has since married Blake Lively, and Johansson is now happily married to SNL writer and performer Colin Jost.

During the interview, Paltrow also asked Johansson what she had learned from her previous marriages. Johansson reflected on how her shift toward long-term relationships had changed and what she had discovered about the fundamental characteristics she wanted in a partner.

“I needed to share with the other person,” Johansson explained. She emphasized that identifying these characteristics was a game-changer for her and that it allowed her to step back and respect herself enough to know what she needed in a relationship. Ultimately, Johansson believes that recognizing what you need in a partner is crucial for longevity in a relationship.

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