Nicola Bulley Found Dead: Her Partner Paul Ansell Is Suspect After Her Death

Nicola Bulley Found Dead, and her partner Paul Ansell is suspected of her death. She “vanished into thin air,” according to Nicola Bulley’s partner Paul Ansell, who also claims that he “can’t wrap his brain around it.”

One week after the mysterious disappearance of Nicola Bulley, a mother-of-two, her partner, Paul Ansell, has expressed his determination to keep hope alive, vowing never to give up on finding her. Ansell, who is also the father of their two children, has been left baffled by her sudden disappearance, claiming that he cannot comprehend what may have happened to her.

The last known sighting of the 45-year-old was on January 27, when she was spotted walking her dog near the River Wyre at St. Michael’s on Wyre. Unfortunately, today (February 3), Mr. Ansell informed the media that all their efforts to locate her have come to a dead end.

“We have gone over every single scenario, and they all come to a brick wall,” said Ansell while standing near the area where Nicola was last seen. “We are running through every possible lead over and over again, but it feels like we’re not getting anywhere.”

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Nicola Bulley Found Dead 

As the community mourns the tragic loss of Nicola Bulley, her friends have rallied around her grieving partner, Paul Ansell, demanding that online trolls leave him alone during this difficult time.

Nicola went missing while walking her dogs last Friday after dropping off her two children at school. Her phone was later discovered on a bench in St. Michael on Wyre, Lancashire, after she made a work Teams call. Her dog was also found wandering near the river.

Nicola Bulley Found Dead. (Source: Birmingham)

In response to unfounded online rumours about Paul’s involvement in her disappearance, Tilly Ann, Nicola’s friend, has released a statement, saying, “Paul has never been considered a suspect, and they have CCTV. These accusations must stop immediately for the sake of family and friends.”

Forensic expert Peter Faulding, founder and CEO of Specialist Group International, expressed confidence in his team’s ability to locate Nicola if she had fallen into the River Wyre. “If Nicola is here, I’m happy we will locate her if she’s in the river,” he said after reaching St. Michael’s on Wyre.

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Nicola Bulley Partner Paul Ansell Is a Suspect After Her Death

Nicola Bulley’s partner, Paul Ansell, is struggling to cope with the disappearance of his girlfriend, as every theory regarding her disappearance seems to hit a dead end. The 45-year-old mother of two went missing last week while walking her dogs after dropping her children off at school.

Spouse of a missing Lancashire mother Every scenario, according to Nicola Bulley, leads to a “brick wall.” (Source: Lancs Live)

Her daughters, aged six and nine, are now in the care of Ansell. Despite the community’s extraordinary support, her family is concerned, stating that people “don’t just disappear into thin air.”

Ansell is grateful for the community’s assistance and hopes that their efforts will lead to any results, as he remains focused on supporting his children. Anyone with information about Nicola’s whereabouts should call 101 and reference log 565 from 30 January.

Nicola Bulley Disappearance: No Concrete Evidence And Police Theory

There is still no concrete evidence that would make sense regarding Nicola Bulley’s case. Because she has not been found for this long, many think she is dead; however, her family and friends are still working hard to find her.

According to Standard, Police have shared a theory regarding the case. As per the hypothesis,

“Ms. Bulley fell into the River Wyre while walking her dog Willow on January 27, and that her body has not been found because it has been swept towards Morecambe Bay.”

Reddit Theories On Nicola Bulley Case

Where Police Officer has shared their point of view, people on Reddit share their own theory on Nicola Bulley’s case. Some of which are pretty ridiculous.

One of those theories is about UFO Abduction. Yes, you read that right. As noted by the Independent, one of the Redditors is not following what Police have offered regarding the missing case, and the person believes she has been abducted.  

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