Rapper Boosie Arrested on Gun Charges While Celebrating Cancer-Free Status: A Developing Story

The Baton Rouge-based rapper Boosie reportedly landed in hot water outside his hometown. According to sources, he has been arrested on gun charges by the San Diego Country Sheriff’s Department. Rapper Boosie Arrested

Rapper Boosie Arrested Rapper Boosie Arrested

However, whether he could post bail or how quickly he resolved the situation remains unclear. This is unfortunate news for Boosie, who had just announced that he is now cancer-free – a milestone worth celebrating.

As this is a developing story, more details will come to light in the weeks ahead. In other Boosie-related news, the “Nasty Nasty” MC recently restated his feud with T.I.

The two rappers, who had previously clashed over allegations of snitching and the cancellation of a joint album, were able to resolve their differences like true bosses.

“It just went like two bosses handling it, man,” Boosie told VladTV. “First of all, we got kids who love each other.

First, we weren’t agreeing, and we were going back and forth, and you know, he spoke how he felt, and I spoke how I felt. He felt me, and I felt him. I gave him an apology.”

“After we kept going back and forth, the things he was doing for me in my life at the time, I kinda felt bad,” Boosie said.

“I kinda felt bad he was doing some real s**t helping me in many ways, but I told him I still stand on what I stand on.

When he explained it to me, we got by it. We got by like bosses are supposed to get by. We ain’t let the internet or none of that bring us out of character.”

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