Powerful Duchess Meghan Markle spotted hiking with friends amidst royal family tension

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was recently seen hiking with her friends, Markus Anderson and Heather Dorak, in California, near her $ 14 million Montecito mansion. Powerful Duchess Meghan Markle

Powerful Duchess Meghan Markle Powerful Duchess Meghan Markle

This outing occurred shortly after she celebrated her son Archie’s birthday on Saturday when she missed King Charles’ coronation.

Reports suggest that the King toasted Archie’s fourth birthday at Buckingham Palace, despite the ongoing tension with his son Harry, who was absent from the celebrations.

The monarch also mentioned his missing grandchildren, including Archie, during a private family gathering at the palace following his coronation ceremony.

Meghan, dressed in a black athletic outfit, completed her look with a khaki jacket tied around her waist, a wide-brimmed beige hat, a pink neckerchief, and large sunglasses.

It was her first public appearance since her father-in-law’s coronation on Saturday, which she missed due to Archie’s low-key birthday celebration at their Montecito residence.

Although Harry rushed back to California, he did not join Meghan on her hike. Meghan has known Markus and Heather for years.

Markus works at the Soho House, private members’ club, and has known Meghan since her time in Toronto while filming the TV show ‘Suits.’

Heather has been Meghan’s pilates and yoga instructor for several years, and the two often featured on Meghan’s social media before she took down her accounts.

Despite an invitation to join the family lunch, Harry returned to California to celebrate Archie’s big day. The King’s son briefly appeared at his father’s coronation ceremony before heading straight to Heathrow Airport in a blacked-out electric BMW.

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