Patty Raynes Passes Away at 70 from Suspected Asthma-Related Problems

Patty Raynes, well-known in Manhattan, was found dead in her Wellington, Florida home by her housekeeper on Thursday morning. Although authorities haven’t disclosed the cause of death yet, her family believes she may have died due to asthma-related problems.

Patty Raynes Passes Away at 70 from Suspected Asthma-Related Problems

Patty’s mother, Barbara Davis, expressed her grief and shared that Patty had an asthma infection that caused her sudden demise. Patty’s family has requested privacy during this difficult time. Patty Raynes was 70 years old.

Patty Raynes was a talented equestrian who spent winters riding horses in the Florida enclave. She had been hospitalized last week due to severe asthma, but she was expected to fly back to New York this weekend after spending time in Florida.

Sources say that Patty’s sister Nancy Davis has been trying to gather information about Patty’s activities in the past few weeks. Patty was the eldest daughter of Marvin Davis, a well-known oil baron.

The Davis family was one of the inspirations behind the Carrington family in the iconic TV show “Dynasty.” Patty Raynes was also the subject of a 1985 Andy Warhol portrait, where she posed with her young son, Nick.

Patty’s son, Nick, died of an overdose in his Manhattan apartment in 2017, which left Patty heartbroken. Sources say that Patty struggled with dark days since Nick’s death, and it wasn’t easy for her to cope with so much loss over the past few years.

Yet, despite her family’s tremendous wealth and fame, Patty was known for her unassuming nature and kindness. Patty sued her siblings, family advisors, and mother, claiming that they helped her father, Marvin, loot her trust fund.

However, the dispute was settled in 2008, and Patty was estranged from her family until Nick’s death. Friends described Patty as a “sweet woman with a heart of gold” who will be missed by everyone who knows her.

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