Mila Kunis Rumored to Play The Thing in Upcoming ‘Fantastic 4’ Movie: Twitter Reacts

Twitter is buzzing with rumors that actress Mila Kunis may be in talks to play The Thing in the upcoming “Fantastic 4” movie. According to a reputable insider on Twitter, the movie’s director, Matt Shakman, has insisted that a real-life Jewish actor portray the character, as The Thing is explicitly depicted as Jewish in the comics. Mila Kunis is reportedly one of the actors being considered, as they are reportedly looking at male and female Jewish actors for the role.

Mila Kunis Rumored to Play

Traditionally, The Thing has been portrayed as a male character, but this potential gender swap has Twitter users in arms. Despite this, it wouldn’t be the first time a female has replaced a male character, with examples such as “Ghostbusters,” “Black Panther 2,” and “She-Hulk.”

Mila Kunis has a solid range of films, including action movies and comedies, and could potentially do well in the role. However, it remains to be seen if this rumor will hold any weight and if Marvel will go down the road of a gender-swapped version of The Thing.