Man Arrested with Offensive Weapon Outside Buckingham Palace, London Police Carry Out Controlled Explosion

A man was arrested outside Buckingham Palace late Tuesday for suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon. Man Arrested with Offensive Weapon

Man Arrested with Offensive Weapon Man Arrested with Offensive Weapon Man Arrested with Offensive Weapon

Officers of the Metropolitan Police immediately arrested the man after he approached the palace gates and threw items believed to be shotgun cartridges into the palace grounds.

A bag was also found in the suspect’s possession, which police deemed suspicious. As a precaution, a controlled explosion was carried out by London police.

However, the incident is not being treated as terrorism-related, and no shots were fired or injuries were reported.

Chief Superintendent Joseph McDonald confirmed that the man was taken into police custody, and Buckingham Palace officials declined to comment, stating that the matter was in the hands of the police.

Although the incident occurred just a few days before King Charles III’s coronation ceremony, it is unlikely to impact the event as it is set to take place at nearby Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

In the lead-up to the coronation, Buckingham Palace has seen a flurry of activity as tourists and international media begin to descend on the area.

Dozens of foreign royals, dignitaries, and heads of state are expected to travel to the U.K. to attend the event, making it a significant policing operation.

On the coronation day, King Charles III and Camilla will travel in a gilded coach from the palace to Westminster Abbey, where they will be crowned in a historical ceremony.

After the ceremony, the pair will return to the court escorted by a spectacular military procession featuring thousands of ceremonial troops before appearing on the palace balcony to greet well-wishers.

The incident did not affect the coronation preparations, and investigations are ongoing as police officers remain at the scene.

Despite the controlled explosion and suspicious bag, it is fortunate that no harm was inflicted on the public or the authorities.

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