Baywatch” star’s ex-wife, Loni Willison, spotted rummaging for food in a dumpster

Loni Willison the ex-wife of former “Baywatch” star Jeremy Jackson, was spotted digging through a dumpster for food, indicating how much her life has deteriorated since their split a decade ago.

Loni Willison the ex-wife of former "Baywatch" star Jeremy Jackson

The 39-year-old model has been homeless in California for seven years, frequently seen in a shopping cart with her belongings. Willison was first seen living on the streets of Los Angeles in 2016, following her struggles with drug addiction and mental health problems.

Photos taken on Tuesday show a frail-looking Willison missing multiple teeth, with short hair, and looking nothing like her former self as she pushed a cart in Santa Monica. She previously graced magazine covers and walked red carpets, but since her messy divorce from Jackson in 2014, she has battled homelessness, drug addiction, and mental health issues.

The couple’s rocky marriage ended after Jackson allegedly tried to strangle Willison during an intoxicated argument, causing her to suffer two broken ribs and neck injuries and scratches on her face and body. Willison chose not to press charges, and the pair went their separate ways. Jackson went on to participate in “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2015.

Willison lost her job as an assistant to a plastic surgeon after her separation from Jackson, leading her to experience homelessness. Although she lived in the affluent Venice area at one point, she was reportedly addicted to crystal meth.

However, she had previously mentioned that she had enough resources to survive and that there was plenty of food in dumpsters and nearby stores. In 2018, Willison spoke to DailyMail TV and revealed a severe mental illness that convinced her she was being tortured with electricity in her apartment.

After being unable to pay her bills, she was evicted from her West Hollywood residence. Although drug rehab specialist Larry Marinelli offered to help Willison for free, she refused and returned to the streets.
Willison has stated that she does not want anyone’s help, including that of Jackson, and is doing just fine alone.

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