Jackson Mahomes Arrested for Aggravated Sexual Battery: Facing Serious Legal Consequences

Jackson Mahomes is in legal hot water after being arrested on May 3rd due to an alleged incident in February. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the 22-year-old was taken into custody for aggravated sexual battery and is currently in jail in Johnson County, Kansas. Jackson Mahomes Arrested for

Jackson Mahomes Arrested for Jackson Mahomes Arrested for Jackson Mahomes Arrested for

E! News contacted Jackson’s lawyer for a comment but has not received any response. An investigation into the incident involving Jackson is still ongoing, confirmed the PIO for the Overland Park police department, stating that they are speaking to multiple people at the bar on the night of the alleged attack.

According to an article published by The Kansas City Star in early March, Jackson allegedly assaulted an unnamed waiter by pushing them more than once before grabbing the neck of the restaurant’s owner, Aspen Vaughn, and kissing her without her consent.

In an interview with The Kansas City Star, the waiter, whose identity was not disclosed, shared his account of the alleged chain of events. He mentioned that Jackson and his friends came to the restaurant on Feb. 25th and went down to the eatery’s basement office, where the incident took place.

“I was going into our office downstairs where the employees are in the employee area, and he’s downstairs for I don’t know why,” the waiter said, “and I’m trying to get to the office, and he’s like, pushing me out…And he’s like, ‘No, get out, get out.'”

Aspen confirmed that Jackson asked to speak to her about pushing the waiter shortly after. While in her office, he allegedly grabbed her neck and forcibly kissed her several times, despite her repeated attempts to make him away.

She even yelled for help as she could see on the cameras that somebody was outside the office door. Aspen shared that the incident was captured on the cameras, which she later turned over to the police.

E! News has contacted Jackson’s legal team for a comment on his arrest, but no response has been received yet. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and how the legal proceedings will unfold for Jackson remains to be seen.

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