Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson Regrets Not Using Psychedelics During Boxing Career

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson said he regrets not using psychedelics during his boxing career. Tyson believes that hallucinogens could have significantly enhanced his performance in the ring.

Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson Regrets

According to Tyson, psychedelics have helped him to alter his perception and cognitive processes, resulting in a positive change in his life. “Psychedelics is an enhancement more than a de-enhancement,” Tyson explained. “It allows you to go in that realm of comfortability, relax, and prepare to reach your highest level. It’s just an amazing feeling.”

Mike Tyson, who loves psychedelics, recently used them during a training session and claimed that he would have been a superior boxer if he had used them during his prime in the 1980s and 90s. This statement is remarkable, considering Tyson is one of the most dominant fighters ever.

Tyson even recommended that other athletes try mushrooms or weed, stating that he is proof of their effectiveness. “We always thought cannabis was a de-enhancer, made you tired, made you weak, but it made you more alert and more studious to your field, to your profession,” he added.

Given that Tyson was a ferocious fighter during his prime, it’s intriguing to consider what he could have accomplished had he taken psychedelics. Nevertheless, his comments may encourage others to explore the use of these substances in sports and other areas.