Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s Cozy Display at CinemaCon Sparks Rumors of Romance

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney‘s relationship is heating up, despite Powell’s girlfriend unfollowing Sweeney on social media. On Monday, the duo attended the CinemaCon in Las Vegas to promote their upcoming romantic comedy, “Anyone But You.”

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney's Cozy Display

They were seen being extremely cozy with each other, unable to take their eyes off one another while posing for photos on the red carpet. In one particular eyebrow-raising photo, Sweeney looked up at Powell with a beaming smile as he gazed at the cameras.

Powell’s girlfriend, Paris, has been dating him since 2020, and her decision to unfollow Sweeney has sparked rumors of a possible break-up. While Paris initially supported the on-screen couple, her stance appears to have changed due to the numerous leaked photos of Powell and Sweeney together, both on and off-set. Paris traveled to the film set in Sydney, Australia, to be with Powell in late March but returned to the US less than two weeks later.

It’s worth noting that Paris has been engaged to restaurateur Jonathan Davino since February 2022. However, whether the engagement is ongoing or Davino has traveled to visit her on the set needs to clarify. On the other hand, Sweeney has kept her relationship with Davino, whom she’s been with since 2018, extremely private.

Sweeney previously mentioned in an interview with Cosmopolitan in January 2022 that she prefers not to date anyone in the entertainment industry, including actors and musicians, to maintain a sense of normalcy. She said her great support system allows her to shine without stepping back.

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