Francia Raisa Avoids Questions About Relationship with Selena Gomez During Dog Walk in Studio City

Former child actress and “How I Met Your Father” star Francia Raisa has thrown shade at her ex-friend and kidney recipient Selena Gomez. During a dog walk in Studio City on Sunday, Francia avoided answering questions about her relationship with Selena, repeatedly changing the subject. When asked if she would follow Selena back on social media or consider organ donation again, Francia was evasive.

Francia Raisa Avoids Questions About Relationship with Selena Gomez

The two stars were close friends, with Francia even donating a kidney to Selena in 2017 after her lupus diagnosis. However, things changed in November 2022 when Selena mentioned in an interview that Taylor Swift was the only person she was close to in Hollywood. This statement caused a stir on social media, with Francia commenting “interesting” and subsequently unfollowing Selena. Selena later clarified that her words were not meant to be taken as a slight towards Francia, but their relationship has never been the same.

Despite Selena’s recent comments about being indebted to Francia for life, it appears that Francia is not interested in reconciling with Selena. The reason for their falling out remains unknown, but it’s clear that there’s still some tension between them. Only time will tell if they’ll patch things up, but their friendship is well and truly over for now.