Former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence Following Sudden Firing

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson finally broke his silence just two days after he was fired from the cable network. Carlson posted a video online, at the exact time his long-running FNC show would have aired, in which he lashed out at “liars” and criticized “how unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are.”

Former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Speaks Out in Video Message After Firing

He declared that “our current orthodoxies won’t last” and suggested that those in power have “given up persuasion” and “are resorting to force.” However, Carlson also offered a glimmer of hope, saying, “As long as you can hear the words, there is hope.” He ended the video with the message, “See you soon.”

Carlson has recently retained legal representation from Bryan Freedman, a Hollywood legal brawler, in what could be a public battle with Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News. Carlson has been embroiled in false 2020 election claims and a dispute with Dominion Voting Systems.

In addition, a former producer of his show is suing him and others on the show for sexist and anti-Semitic remarks and other vile comments. The lawsuits and allegations are believed to be the primary reasons for Carlson’s sudden firing on Monday. Carlson’s last show was on April 21st, when he was unaware he was about to be fired.

Despite his departure from Fox News, Carlson is still looking for options. Newsmax and Glenn Beck have expressed interest in giving the right-wing host a new home. There is also the possibility that Carlson may try to carve out a lucrative online career for himself, emulating his Fox time slot predecessor, Bill O’Reilly.

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