Shock and Concern as Father of Ex-UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal Accused of Attempted Murder

Jorge Masvidal’s father, Jorge Masvidal Sr., has been taken into custody after allegedly shooting a man during an altercation at the former UFC fighter’s residence in Miami on Thursday. The victim, Luis Leoncini, was reportedly wounded in both arms and taken to a local hospital for treatment. According to an arrest affidavit obtained by TMZ Sports, the dispute between Masvidal Sr. and Leoncini was verbal before escalating to gunfire. Police found a .38 caliber revolver inside a kitchen cabinet while searching the home. Masvidal Sr. was booked for attempted second-degree murder with a deadly weapon and firearm at 1:33 AM Friday after being taken into custody at 3:26 PM on Thursday. It’s currently unknown what led to the altercation.

Shock and Concern as Father of Ex-UFC Fighter Jorge Masvidal Accused

Masvidal Jr., who was not present during the incident, was confirmed by authorities to have had no involvement in the alleged shooting. However, as of Thursday morning, Masvidal Sr. remains in custody. The 67-year-old is the father of Jorge Masvidal Jr., a well-known mixed martial artist and UFC fighter who has also appeared in films and television shows. The incident has caused shock and concern among the fans and followers of the Masvidal family.

This news is a shock to the world of sports and entertainment, as the Masvidal family is well-known and respected in the industry. While the details of the altercation are still unclear, it’s clear that the incident has had a serious impact on those involved. The news has quickly spread throughout social media and news outlets, with many expressing concern for the victim and the Masvidal family.

Despite the shocking nature of the news, it’s important to note that the legal process is ongoing, and all parties involved are innocent until proven guilty. As such, it’s important to avoid jumping to conclusions or making assumptions about the situation. We will continue to follow the story and provide updates as more information becomes available.