Fans of the Netflix Hit Show ‘Love is Blind After Disastrous Reunion Episode

Fans of the Netflix series have taken to social media amid speculation that Nick and Vanessa may be replaced, although no official word has been given. One critic wrote on Twitter, “Now I can finally watch the show.

Fans of the Netflix Hit Show 'Love is Blind After Disastrous Reunion Episode

Don’t like Nick Lachey, so I’ve never seen it,” while a fan of the 98 Degrees alum commented, “I still want Nick Lachey as a host! It’s Vanessa. I can’t stand.”

A source close to the show said, “There have always been whispers about replacing them, especially now after the live reunion special, which was a complete disaster on so many levels,” adding, “If they want to keep their ratings up, there’s got to be a change.” Representatives for Nick and Vanessa and Netflix did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The season 4 reunion was delayed by more than an hour due to technical issues, and when the show returned, Nick and Vanessa appeared flustered. They failed to delve deep into several topics with the contestants, and Vanessa was criticized for repeatedly asking the couples about who would be the first to have a baby.

In particular, she kept asking Paul Peden about his post-wedding confessional after saying he couldn’t envision ex-Micah Lussier as a mom. This left him fuming after the reunion ended. “I was like, ‘F–k, man.’ They kept drilling, drilling it down on me,” Paul told Entertainment Tonight following the reunion.

“I think Vanessa might have had some personal bias in that scenario, or at least I detected that. I don’t know. But that’s my assumption based on how she continued drilling into it after I gave my full rationale for why I felt the way I did.”

Some fans were enraged by Vanessa’s line of questioning, with one person tweeting, “Quit asking when/pressuring people to have kids. Some people physically cannot, and some people don’t want them. It’s rude and assuming. Do better. It was extra cringe,” while another criticized her hosting skills.

“The reunion is always nauseating to watch because of Vanessa Lachey. She picks sides, cuts people off, bullies the male cast, pushes motherhood onto women, and generally tries too hard to be cool,” another viewer tweeted.

According to sources, fan-favorite couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are in the running to replace Nick and Vanessa. They appeared in season 1, where they fell in love, and Cameron proposed five days after they met.

The couple wed less than two months later in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. “Viewers feel a connection with Lauren and Cameron because they are the real deal,” the source said.

“They are down-to-earth, kind people who can help the contestants because they have walked in their shoes.” The insider added, “People want to relate to the hosts – and at this point, they can’t relate to Vanessa or Nick.”

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