Chilli’s Son Tron Austin Gives Approval to Her ‘Genuine’ Romance with Matthew Lawrence

Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, one-third of the iconic music group TLC, is dating actor Matthew Lawrence, and it looks like her son, Tron Austin, is happy for her. In a recent interview with People, Tron revealed that he’s a fan of his mother’s new beau. “Oh man, I just like seeing her happy, you know?” the 25-year-old said. Tron, who married Jeong Ah Wang last December, also said that he appreciates “the genuineness” of their relationship, adding that he feels that same authenticity from Lawrence.

Chilli's Son Tron Austin Gives Approval to Her

Despite only having met a few times, Tron and Lawrence have already found common ground. “I think he’s a great guy,” Tron told the outlet. “I do MMA, and he said that he recently started doing jujitsu, so we have some commonalities and stuff that we talk about. I’m really happy for her.”

Chilli and Lawrence made their relationship official on Instagram on New Year’s Eve, and it seems like they’re taking things slow. “We’ve only met a couple of times,” Tron said, “because they’re building their relationship since she’s very careful about that stuff.”

Lawrence, who was previously married to Cheryl Burke for two years, has expressed interest in having children with Chilli. “She’s already a mother; she has an incredible son,” he said in a recent interview. “I respect so much as to how she’s raised him. She’d be an incredible mother again, and I’d be incredibly lucky, but that’s way in the future.”

For now, however, Chilli and Lawrence are just enjoying each other’s company. “First of all, we’re not currently trying to have a child,” Chilli clarified in a March interview with E! News. “We’re not married yet, so we’re just very happy and growing in our relationship.” The singer added that her relationship with Lawrence is different from her past romances. “I’ve dated, but this canceled everything,” she said.

It’s great to see Chilli happy and in love, and we hope that her relationship with Lawrence continues to blossom.