Cheyenne Jackson Reveals He Has Relapsed After 10 Years of Sobriety

Cheyenne Jackson, a 47-year-old actor known for his roles in Broadway and American Horror Story, revealed that he had relapsed after almost a decade of sobriety. The father of twins has been transparent about his past alcohol addiction and shared a candid post on Instagram detailing the “shame” he felt after his relapse.

Cheyenne Jackson Reveals He Has Relapsed After 10 Years of Sobriety

Jackson stated that he stopped doing what he needed to keep himself on the path of his integrity and thought he had everything handled. However, he acknowledged that he was a work in progress and thanked his support system for being there.

Jackson’s post was flooded with supportive comments as he vowed to work on his sobriety, including messages from Jamie Lee Curtis, Nia Vardalos, Sophia Bush, Harvey Fierstein, his husband, Jason Landau, and more.

Jackson returned to Instagram the following day to express his gratitude for the outpouring of love he had received. He stated that he had read over 2,000 personal DMs, texts, and comments and felt grateful for the support he had received.

Jackson also acknowledged that being a “lone wolf” did not serve him in his sobriety and that he needed people and help. In 2014, Jackson spoke to NBC New York about his battle with addiction, calling himself a “high-functioning alcoholic.”

He said that practically nobody knew, not even his parents, and that he always showed up, knew his lines and looked okay. However, he always felt like he was missing out and drank and did drugs to fill that void.

Jackson said it was especially hard for him “in the gay community,” where most interactions involve bars and parties. When he decided to get sober, Jackson struggled with giving up that aspect of his social life. However, he realized that he could still have fun without drugs and alcohol and would be more accountable and have more integrity.

Jackson’s relapse is a reminder that addiction is a lifelong battle and that recovery is not always a linear process. It is important to have a support system and to reach out for help when needed. Jackson’s transparency about his relapse may help others struggling with addiction feel less alone and encourage them to seek help.

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