Chance the Rapper Responds with a Powerful Message on Marriage Amidst Controversy

Chance the Rapper has recently shared a video on his Instagram Stories that features a joke about marriage by comedian Bill Burr. This was just after the Rapper was seen grinding on women at a carnival. The post shared by Chance had no additional comment.

Chance the Rapper has recently responded with a powerful message
Chance the Rapper has recently Chance the Rapper has recently Chance the Rapper has recently

Instead, it appeared to address the recent drama surrounding the video of him at Carnival and a possible response from his wife, Kirsten Corley-Bennett. The clip shared by Chance is taken from Burr’s 2019 Netflix special Paper Tiger.

In the clip, Burr jokes about his love for his wife and everything about marriage but admits that they constantly fight and argue. The timing of Chance’s post has raised eyebrows as it is still being determined whether he shared the clip in response to his current situation with Corley-Bennett.

Burr continues in the clip to talk about his learning process in five years of being married, suggesting that his wife is a completed work of art while he is still under construction. Chance sharing the video may be just a joke in light of the recent rumors surrounding his relationship with his wife.

Neither Chance nor Corley-Bennett has addressed the speculations directly. However, fans had a lot to say about the video of Chance grinding on a woman and slapping her butt at Jamaica’s Carnival, with many suggesting it was disrespectful to his wife.

Earlier in the week, Corley-Bennett shared a passage from the book Letter to My Daughter by Maya Angelou. The course discusses how most people do not grow up but only get older. It emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for the time and space that one occupies and the costs associated with love and loss, daring and failure, and even success.

Corley-Bennett hopes that one day, everyone will choose to grow up. It is unclear what exactly is going on in Chance’s personal life. Still, his recent social media posts address the speculation and rumors about his relationship with his wife.

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