Bri Teresi protests against woke marketing schemes by gunning down Bud Light, Tampax tampons, and lingerie

Bri Teresi, a well-known Instagram influencer, model, and Trump supporter has made headlines after she went on a rifle shooting spree targeting Bud Light, Tampax tampons, and lingerie made by her former employer.

She protests against their recent marketing campaigns that she feels are too “woke.”
Teresi recently terminated her modeling contract with lingerie company Honey Birdette over their use of a biological man to model women’s underwear.

She uploaded a video to her Twitter handle of her firing shots at the brand’s underwear, Bud Light cases, and Tampax tampons at her outdoor gun range.

Her boycott is in response to the brands’ decision to market their products using transgender people, which she found unacceptable. “The only way to stop this nonsense and propaganda is not to support businesses that do not support our values.

It’s that simple!” Teresi told the video, Teresi wore an American flag bikini top, jean shorts, combat boots, and aviator sunglasses as she shot at the products with her AR-15 rifle. She even targeted Tampax Tampons, a brand she felt was marketing to trans women.

However, Bud Light was not left out; she sees their sponsorship of trans woman Dylan Mulvaney as a betrayal of her conservative values. Teresi’s video stunt was reminiscent of musician Kid Rock’s, who shot up several cases of Bud Light at his outdoor range a few weeks prior.

London River, a porn star, commented on Teresi’s post, attempting to ridicule her for the video, saying, “But…you already bought all this stuff (or someone else bought it for you).

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