Bam Margera Fights Back in Custody Battle: Denies Ever Being Legally Married to Nicole Boyd

Bam Margera fights back against claims of his legal marriage to Nicole Boyd amid their custody dispute over their son.

Bam Margera Fights Back in Custody Battle
Bam Margera Fights Bam Margera Fights Bam Margera Fights

The Jackass star is refuting Boyd’s divorce petition by arguing that he is not a California resident, and their marriage is not legal in the United States, as per new court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

Margera stated that he and Boyd resided in Pennsylvania from 2010 to 2021, occasionally traveling outside the state for business or vacation, but they always maintained their domicile in Pennsylvania.

Margera also clarified that Boyd never legally changed her name to “Nicole Margera,” They have never been married, lawfully or otherwise.

Though they had a “faux ceremony” in 2013, Margera claimed that he knew and understood they were not married.

Margera also denied Boyd’s claims regarding their 5-year-old son, Phoenix, and alleged that she made false statements about him to the media in January/February 2023.

In the documents, he claimed that Boyd moved to California to file the custody and support petition in the state to take advantage of the putative marriage laws that exist but not in Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, he said that Boyd used a fake name to fit her false narrative of their marriage, according to the documents.

Boyd filed a petition for custody and support of Phoenix in California after she made a unilateral move to the state.

Still, Margera is refuting it, alleging that it was filed under a false name. Margera also denied the claims of financial irresponsibility, saying he has made multiple attempts to ensure his son’s financial support.

Margera and Boyd welcomed Phoenix in 2017 and raised him in Pennsylvania until their relationship ended in 2021.

Margera had a series of legal issues, including arrests and rehab stints. Boyd expressed her love for Bam and hoped that he would complete his treatment and come home to the family that loves him. Before Boyd, Margera married childhood friend Missy Rothstein from 2007 to 2012.

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