Ayesha Curry’s Instagram Post Sparks Talk of Canon’s Inner Food Critic

It appears that Canon, the youngest son of Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry, might have inherited his mother’s passion for food. Ayesha took to Instagram on April 22 to share a series of photos that provide a glimpse into her life, and it seems that Canon’s love for food is evident. Among the photos, the fifth one stood out the most as it featured Canon looking unhappy with his sandwich.

Ayesha Curry's Instagram Post Sparks Talk of Canon's Inner Food Critic

Fans were curious if he was crying or growling because of the sandwich, but it’s possible that he is showing his inner food critic, inspired by his mother’s culinary skills.

The couple met at a youth group meeting when they were teenagers, and they tied the knot in July 2011. They have three children together: Riley, 10, Ryan, 7, and Canon, 5.

In a previous interview with SheKnows, Ayesha shared her approach to discussing food with her family in a “approachable and long-lasting way.” She banned the word “diet” and instead focuses on using healthier phrases such as “Today, I’m going to have a healthier meal.” She explains that her children are watching what she says, so it’s essential to rephrase things positively around them.

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