Aerosmith Announces Final Tour ‘Peace Out’ to Celebrate 50+ Years of Rocking and Bid Farewell in Style

Legendary American rock band Aerosmith is hitting the road for one last time to celebrate their more than 50-year-long career as a unit. The band announced their final “Peace Out” tour on Monday. The 40-date tour starts on September 2nd in Philadelphia and will conclude in Montreal in January, with many stops in between, including their hometown of Boston.

Aerosmith Announces Final Tour 'Peace Out' to Celebrate 50+ Years of Rocking and Bid Farewell in Style

The farewell tour is two-fold, as the band members want to commemorate their long-standing collaboration and take advantage of their ability to play together while they still can. Guitarist Joe Perry emphasized the importance of this tour, stating, “You never know how much longer everybody’s going to be healthy to do this,” while referring to the band’s recent residency in Las Vegas.

The five founding members of the band, all over 70, including frontman Steven Tyler, the oldest at 75, have been together since the beginning of Aerosmith’s journey. Although they are still going strong, Perry acknowledges the reality of their age and the potential challenges that come with it, making this tour their last chance to perform in their prime.

Aerosmith has had its fair share of health issues over the years, and the recent bout of a mystery illness that Tyler experienced highlights the importance of taking advantage of the present moment. The band’s fans have been teased about a farewell tour for years, and this could be the last opportunity for fans to catch the band live.

The tour is expected to draw crowds from across the US and possibly beyond, especially from fans with an interest in movies, TV shows, celebrities, award shows, music, and fashion, who are predominantly aged between 18 and 35 and reside in urban areas, as per the band’s demographic.