MSU Shooter Anthony McRae Parents: Father Michael McRae And Mother Linda

New details about Anthony McRae parents have surfaced in the media after the mass shooting happened at two sites on the campus of Michigan State University (MSU).

Anthony Dwayne McRae’s involvement in the recent fatal mass shooting at Michigan State University has left many in shock and disbelief.

As authorities continue to investigate the incident, McRae’s parents have been thrust into the spotlight, with many wondering about their thoughts and feelings regarding their son’s actions.

The shooter, who had no known affiliation with the college, relocated to Michigan in 2003 after being born in Bear, Delaware, and growing up in Trenton, New Jersey.

As news of the incident spread, classes at MSU were canceled for the rest of the week, and the two buildings where the shootings occurred were closed for the remainder of the semester.

At a rally against gun violence held at the Michigan State Capitol, lawmakers made commitments to enact gun control changes.

While the tragedy has prompted discussions about gun control and mental health resources, many are still reeling from the loss of three lives and the injuries sustained by five others.

Anthony McRae Parents

The recent mass shooting at Michigan State University, carried out by Anthony Dwayne McRae, has left many in shock and searching for answers.

As authorities continue to investigate, McRae’s parents have spoken out about their son’s conduct and their own experiences in the wake of the tragedy.

Michael McRae, Anthony’s father, expressed disbelief and difficulty in comprehending his son’s actions, which resulted in the deaths of three students.

Anthony McRae was spotted hours before he was caught. (Source: Bridgemi )

Michael stated that his son had become bitter and acted differently after the passing of his mother in 2020.

According to Michael, he had tried to motivate his son to find employment and spend time with him outside of the house. However, Anthony often declined his father’s offers of assistance.

Anthony had worked in various jobs, including a warehouse job for seven years, and was close to his mother before her passing. His parents were unaware of any guns in the house after a 2019 incident.

Michael and Linda McRae had been married for over 45 years before Linda’s passing. Michael has spent 30 years working for General Motors.

Melinda McRae, Anthony’s sister, told CNN that she was shocked by the news of her brother’s involvement in the shooting and had no idea what could have led him to commit such an act.

Anthony McRae Case

Anthony McRae, the shooter in the Michigan State University mass shooting case, was previously accused of illegally carrying a concealed firearm, which would have prohibited him from buying a firearm if proven true.

Anthony McRae’s discovered note after his death. (Source: OurMidLand )

In 2019, McRae was caught with a loaded semi-automatic weapon and a spare magazine by the Lansing Police Department officer during a search for burglars in the neighborhood.

McRae admitted to carrying the firearm for protection and was sentenced to 18 months of probation. The officer stated that the gun was registered to McRae.

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