MDA President Michel Vieira Wikipedia Age- Family And Net Worth

Michel Vieira wikipedia: the MDA Group President has been serving the Company for nearly decades. The self-claimed environmentalist is a doting dad to his children.

The name Michel Vieira has been making headlines recently after his appearance on M6’s popular show, “Patron incognito.” Vieira, who serves as the President of MDA Company, slipped into the role of a secret boss on the show, which aired on February 13th, 2023.

For those unfamiliar with the show, “Patron incognito” features top executives going incognito as employees within their own companies. They spend a few days working alongside their employees, all while hiding their true identities. Vieira’s appearance on the show has undoubtedly earned him a place in the hearts of many viewers.

MDA Company, also known as the MDA Discount brand, is set to be honored on the show for their outstanding work. The company is well-known for its quality products and exceptional customer service, making them a leading name in their industry.

Vieira’s appearance on “Patron incognito” has drawn attention not just to MDA Company but to the man behind the brand. Michel Vieira is a man with a vision, and his dedication to his company and his employees has not gone unnoticed. We will be exploring the life and achievements of the MDA Group President, Michel Vieira, in this article.

MDA President Michel Vieira Wikipedia And Age

Michel Vieira is a well-known figure in France, particularly for his leadership of MDA Company, the country’s leading independent distribution group. Vieira, who is in his early fifties, has been with the company for an impressive 38 years, having started in 1984. He was appointed as the company’s president in 2007 and has led the company to great success, generating an annual turnover of 222 million euros.

The MDA Company president Michel Vieira as Claude Bories in M6 show, Patron incognito. (Image Source: MSN)

Aside from his success in the business world, Vieira is also known for his passion for environmentalism. He has expressed this passion in his LinkedIn profile, describing himself as an environmentalist.

However, it was Vieira’s appearance on M6’s “Patron incognito” show that thrust him into the spotlight. In the show, which aired on February 13th, 2023, Vieira went undercover as a secret boss, working alongside his employees and experiencing the daily workings of the company firsthand. His participation in the show allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of his staff and the workings of MDA Company, particularly the MDA Discount brand.

Vieira’s dedication to his company and his employees is admirable, having spent nearly four decades with the company. His experience as a PDG at MDA Electromenager from May 1989 to November 2017 gave him a strong foundation in the industry, which he has built upon during his time at MDA Company.

Evan Recognized Michel Vieira In The Middle Of The Show

When Michel Vieira appeared on M6’s “Patron incognito” show, he did everything in his power to go incognito as Claude Bories. He dyed his bread brown, got a new haircut, wore a fat belly suit, new glasses, and a piercing. However, despite his best efforts to disguise himself, one of his employees, Evan, recognized him.

Evan had worked for MDA Company for a year in a store in Nice and knew the company and its leaders well. After recognizing Vieira as Claude Bories, he revealed the truth to his colleagues on a piece of paper. Vieira realized that the jig was up and decided to come clean with Evan.

In a statement, Vieira spoke highly of Evan, calling him a charming boy with values who had been betrayed by loved ones in the past. Vieira was concerned that Evan may have felt betrayed by his employer as well, so he decided to take matters into his own hands and speak to Evan one-on-one.

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Michel Vieira Family: Meet His Children

While Michel Vieira is best known for his leadership of MDA Company and his recent appearance on M6’s “Patron incognito,” he is also a devoted father to his children. He often shares pictures of himself spending quality time with his sons, demonstrating his commitment to family and his belief in instilling important values in his children.

In a recent Instagram post, Vieira shared a picture of himself and his children enjoying a day of skiing together. In the caption, the environmentalist emphasized the importance of spending time with one’s children and teaching them important values such as respect for nature, the importance of sports, and taking time to breathe.

Michel Vieira went skiing with his kids in January 2023. (Image Source: Instagram)

While Vieira is open about his family life and his love for his children, he has not shared anything publicly about his wife or baby mama. Nonetheless, his dedication to his children is evident, and he serves as an excellent role model for parents who strive to balance their work and family lives.

Michel Vieira Net Worth

Michel Vieira’s career has been defined by his long and successful tenure with MDA Company, having been involved with the company for nearly four decades. During his time with the company, he has risen through the ranks to become the company’s president and has led the group to new heights.

Under his leadership, MDA Company has generated an impressive €220 million in turnover and has expanded to include 200 stores throughout France. Vieira’s commitment to the company and his dedication to his employees have undoubtedly contributed to the company’s success.

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While the exact amount of Michel Vieira’s net worth has not been made public, it is safe to assume that he has accumulated a substantial fortune over the course of his career.

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