Maximilian David Muñiz: Jennifer Lopez’s Son Biography

Who is Maximilian David Muniz ?

Maximilian David Muñiz is the child of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, both former musicians, actors, and producers.

Childhood And Education

Maximilian David Muniz was born on 22nd February 2008 to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antonio on Long Island, New York. His twin sister, Emme, is one minute younger than him. His birth weight was 5 pounds 13 ounces. Max & Emme were delivered through a C-section at North Shore University Hospital in New York.

Jennifer and Marc captured every moment of the pregnancy and delivery and compiled them into a video diary.

Jennifer confessed that she was highly concerned that her babies might get kidnapped. To protect them, she paid £300,000 to hire a team of bodyguards to watch over them. The celebrities delivered their children in luxury birthing suites and received ‘Baby K’tan’ pillows and baby carriers embroidered with their names.

Maximilian and Emme’s middle names are David and Maribel, respectively. The name “David” was chosen as a tribute to Jennifer’s father, while “Maribel” is the name of Marc’s sister, who had passed away earlier in life due to a brain tumor. As a result, Maximilian is also known as “Max.” Jennifer loves to refer to her twins as her “coconuts.”

Max is still in high school. However, the name of the school he studied at isn’t known.

In the 4th grade, he attended the same school as his twin sister Emme. Currently, they participate in different schools on Long Island based on their interests.

Max is a fast reader as well. He was awarded that title for the academic year 2017 to 2018. He also received the Star reader when he was just nine years old.

Max and his sister were homeschooled during their mother’s travels for work.

Maximilian David Muñi Height & Physical Attributes

The weight of Maximilian David Muniz is 31 kg or 70 pounds. He has a little height of
138 cm and in feet inches; his size is 4’6″ tall. In February 2020, he turned 12 years old.

He has curly dark brown hair, whereas his eye color is striking brown. His shoe size is 4. His
chest is 20 inches, 18 inches waist, and 21 inches hips. His biceps size is 5.5 inches.

Family, Romance, and Relationships

As a 15-year-old kid, he is not yet ready to date. So, therefore, he would get a loving relationship and perfect partner for himself in the future no matter what.

Maximilian is undoubtedly busy spending time with his family, having happy times with his parents, and studying hard.

Meanwhile, discussing his parents’ marriage, Jennifer and Marc married in 2004.

Lopez and Marc have been friends for a very long time. After which, they both started dating.
Shortly after her engagement, her love affair with Ben Affleck ended.

Jennifer explained that Marc was the one she felt love for during that time. Marc and Jennifer got married and settled in Brookville in New York. Unfortunately, they decided to part ways in 2014. As of now, they are both seeing their other partners.


The young man Max doesn’t have a career yet as he is still a kid. However, many expect him to follow in the footsteps of his parents.

He also seems to be interested in writing at his school. Whatever he pursues, his parents will support him in his future endeavors.

Although he doesn’t work, he sure has certain assets to his name, which could be his source of income.
He also goes on movie premiers with his mother and father.

Maximilian David Muñiz Net Worth

It is estimated that Maximilian David Muniz has a net worth of $5 million.
He already has a million dollars worth even though he hasn’t yet begun a career.

Assuming that his income would surely increase once he starts pursuing a career is reasonable.
He currently has inherited assets from his parents that add to his total net worth.

Similarly, his mother, Jennifer Lopez, has a net worth of $400 million. And his father, Marc Anthony, has a net worth of $80 million.

Social Media

Since Max is still a kid with a social media account, he isn’t active on such platforms.
David does have an Instagram account, but it’s a joint account with his sister. The Instagram handle is @manansemme. It has over 53k followers.

And the Instagram Bio says, “This page is dedicated to the Coconuts Emme Maribel Muniz and Maximilian David Muniz. Mom: @jlo and Dad: @marcanthony“.

This account also has a link to their TikTok account.

However, Emme now has a separate Instagram handle. But Max hasn’t made one yet.
Even though their kids don’t use social media much, their parents are posting about them on their respective social media profiles.

Jennifer Lopez posts a lot about her children on her social media profile.
Moreover, her Instagram handle is @jlo. It is a verified Instagram account with 183M followers.

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