Kian Niroomand Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Tennis Player? Family And Net Worth

People want to know about Kian Niroomand Wikipedia details. Kian Niroomand is a Tennis player based.

Kian Niroomand Wikipedia has become a hot topic in recent times due to his intriguing background. Born in the United States, Niroomand graduated from Wilma Rudolph High School in 2009 before moving on to pursue higher education in Germany. After completing his master’s degree, he embarked on a doctoral degree in economics, focusing on the adaptability of public administrations in the face of unforeseen environmental changes.

Niroomand’s professional career began in 2016 when he joined the State of Berlin as a public servant. He served the state diligently for five years, proving his capabilities as an efficient and effective employee. However, he decided to pursue other interests outside of the public sector in 2021.

Apart from his professional endeavors, there is not much information available about Kian Niroomand on Wikipedia or other public platforms. He keeps a low profile, and his personal life remains private. Nevertheless, his achievements in the public sector have earned him a reputation as a capable and intelligent individual.

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Kian Niroomand Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is a Tennis Player?

Kian Niroomand is a multifaceted personality who has made significant strides in various fields. Despite being relatively unknown on Wikipedia, several online sources provide some insight into his life. He was born on July 31, 1990, at Martin Luther Hospital in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, making him 32 years old as of 2023.

While the name Kian Niroomand is associated with a public servant and economics scholar, it is essential to note that there is another Kian Niroomand with a different career. The latter Kian Niroomand is a football player who plays as a center-back and is a defender by position. He is right-footed and plays professionally in Europe.

Kian Niroomand Wikipedia page is not available. (Source: Imago Images)

Back to the Kian Niroomand Wikipedia is currently discussing, he is the husband of a beautiful wife and a father to a two-year-old son, as revealed by his social media accounts. He has managed to keep his personal life private, and little else is known about his family background or upbringing.

Niroomand’s professional career has been nothing short of impressive. He has worked as a public servant for the State of Berlin, showcasing his competence and dedication. In 2022, he joined RGM Facility Management GmbH as the head of business development. Additionally, he is a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and serves as the District SPD Chairman of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf since 2020.

Interestingly, Kian Niroomand also tried his hand in tennis in 2021. While it is unclear if he pursued the sport professionally, his foray into tennis shows his willingness to explore different avenues.

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Family & Net Worth Details of Kian Niroomand

While the details about Kian Niroomand’s family are still shrouded in mystery, some sources suggest that he has a spouse and a child. The professional tennis player’s estimated net worth is around $400,000 to $500,000, which may seem like a lot, but it is crucial to note that not all tennis players live a life of luxury.

Many tennis players struggle to make ends meet, driving to rural country clubs for matches with only a few spectators, crashing on friends’ couches, and struggling to afford their next tournament. According to statistics between 2015 and 2019, the average tennis player earned $113,478 annually in prize money, which equates to $1,940 per match.

However, the highest-ranked player earns significantly more than the lower-ranked ones, with the top earner making a whopping $14,406,932 annually. In reality, only 13% of players earn over $100,000 annually, with the vast majority struggling to make ends meet.

Players can make money in six ways, with prize money and endorsements being the most lucrative. Prize money is the amount a player receives for successfully playing tennis, which varies depending on the type of tournament and the player’s round. On the other hand, endorsements are mostly influenced by a player’s nationality, appearance, or charm. They are deals offered by companies who want their products associated with particular athletes to be seen by millions of people when they appear on TV.

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