Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Plastic Surgery: Why Her face Looke So Different?

Swiss socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein is famous for her extensive cosmetic surgery. Fans are concerned about her face before plastic surgery. 

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a Swiss socialite, has gained notoriety for her extensive surgeries to resemble a cat. She’s become a media sensation for her unusual appearance, which has been a hot topic of discussion among people interested in celebrities, movies, and fashion.

Apart from her unique looks, Wildenstein is also famous for her high-profile divorce from Alec Wildenstein, the billionaire art dealer and businessman. Her extravagant lifestyle and subsequent bankruptcy filing have also garnered media attention.

Wildenstein’s spending habits are as extreme as her appearance. She has calculated her yearly telephone bill at a whopping $60,000 and her food and wine costs at $547,000.

Despite her bankruptcy, Wildenstein was awarded a staggering $2.5 billion in her divorce settlement and $100 million annually for the following 13 years. However, there was a condition attached to her settlement that she couldn’t use any alimony payments for cosmetic surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein continues to be a popular topic in the media due to her unique appearance and her intriguing life story.

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Jocelyn Wildenstein Before Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a New York socialite, became an instant media sensation after undergoing a transformative canthopexy procedure that gave her a stunning cat-like appearance. Her new look was so mesmerizing that it left onlookers in awe.

Beautiful Jocelyn Wildenstein before her surgery. (Source: People)

One only needs to glance at her before and after photographs to appreciate the incredible transformation that she underwent. Jocelyn gracefully embraced her newfound beauty through the power of plastic surgery, a decision that many people have since questioned.

In comparing her before and after pictures, it’s clear that Jocelyn’s appearance has drastically changed. She was once interested in makeup, but her ex-husband Alec brought her immense wealth that allowed her to undergo many cosmetic surgeries.

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Jocelyn Wildenstein After Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein’s story of transformation has taken on a new dimension. It turns out that she was initially not interested in facial or cosmetic surgery. According to a report, her then-husband Alec began losing interest in her, which led her to go under the knife.

Jocelyn decided to undergo a cat-like surgery because Alec loved cats, and it became clear that she did it to get his love and attention. After the first surgery, she continued to transform herself into a cat-like woman with multiple surgeries over the years.

Jocelyn Wildenstein cat-women look after her surgery. (Source: Instagram)

During her marriage, Jocelyn cherished the company of a magnificent lynx as her companion and admired the feline’s mesmerizing, nearly perfect eyes, which sparkled with the essence of untamed beauty, according to Vanity Fair.

Alec and Jocelyn split in 1997, and after their separation, Alec talked about Jocelyn’s surgery. He said, “he was crazy. I would always find out last.” Following the split, Jocelyn turned her focus to her plastic surgeon and continued to undergo numerous surgeries.

Later, Jocelyn became obsessed with her luxurious lifestyle and big cats and decided to merge the two. Her extravagant lifestyle led her to file for bankruptcy, despite receiving $2.5 billion in her divorce settlement and $100 million yearly for the following 13 years. Her story continues to fascinate those interested in movies, celebrities, and fashion.

Why does Jocelyn Wildenstein Face Look So Different?

Jocelyn Wildenstein’s extensive plastic surgery is what catapulted her to fame. The Swiss socialite has undergone various procedures, including a brow lift, facelift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, lip injections, chin augmentation, and fat grafting or cheek implants, to achieve her cat-like appearance.

Jocelyn Wildenstein with Bella Hadid. (Source: Instagram)

The before and after pictures of her transformation have garnered much attention in the media, and Jocelyn has become a hot topic of discussion for her dramatic change in appearance. However, it’s worth noting that Jocelyn was beautiful before her surgeries, and her decision to go under the knife was a personal one.

Despite the criticism, Jocelyn has amassed over 1 million followers on her Instagram handle, with fans admiring her unique look. While some may view her transformation as extreme, it’s clear that Jocelyn is confident in her appearance and unapologetic about her choices.

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