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Jade Lavoie: Who is she?

Jade Lavoie is a TikTok star from the U.S. who creates videos about her life as an older woman. She has also amassed over 1.7 million followers on Tiktok and 5 million likes on Instagram. Besides being a TikTok star, she is also a digital content creator, entrepreneur, and social media influencer.

As an adult actress, she is widely known for posting unique content. Over time, she became an internet sensation. In addition to being a mother, she also had a son, whose name is kyle. In addition to being fit and bold, she has received praise for her personality. Even though she is forty-seven years old, she has a very well-maintained figure.

She is also active on the popular social network OnlyFans. Furthermore, she has worked as a model on many projects and is interested in fashion design.

Early life and Childhood

As a child, Jade Lavoie was very close to her parents since she was born on June 23, 1974. Growing up, she was surrounded by her parents’ love and affection. Throughout her childhood, she was the apple of her parent’s eyes. A single statement fulfilled all of her wishes, and she became stubborn as a child because of her parent’s love for her.

she was least interested in her study; her parents were also not worried about her studies. They didn’t want to see her taking any stress from studying. However, her free will allows her to do whatever she wants. There were no restrictions on her; that’s why she was a liberal. She did her school education at a private high school and did her graduate education at united kingdom university.


Jade Lavoie has a son named Kyle. Currently, he is living in Quebec, Canada. Unfortunately, there is no information about her siblings, nor do we know her parents’ names. When we receive more information regarding her family, we will update you.


She married Ralph Homann and divorced him, and is currently not dating anyone. You will be notified if we find any relationships with her.


She forged a career path that made her flourish as an entrepreneur. Her preciseness, dedication, and hard work made her a well-known personality on TikTok because she wanted to influence her audience. In the year 2020, she joined the TikTok platform.

Jade Lavoie likes to perform and impressively present herself in front of the crowd. A feminist advocate believes women should be treated equally regardless of their circumstances. It doesn’t matter what jobs women hold or their level; women deserve to be similarly treated to men.

As well to fashion design, she is interested in other fields. Jade Lavoie is now proud that she has created a very successful clothing business. It was her fans who brought her to the creation of her business—having been supported by people who believe in her and are determined to prove that being a woman is no barrier to success.

As a young woman, she was very indecisive about her career path. She began her professional career in modeling; however, She has also worked as an adult film actress.


She never lets people’s controversies against her views sway her. She is the perfect example of a woman who is empowered. The way Jade expresses herself is loud and clear. In addition to discussing taboo topics and taking provocative photos, she is confident and comfortable. With her efforts to improve women’s confidence in their bodies, she inspires those who have been ridiculed and judged not to listen to them.

Jade demonstrates that women can flourish in any career path they choose. They are defying gender stereotypes. As far as we know, there is no controversy about her. We will update you more when we receive more information regarding her controversy.

Net worth

Based on estimates from 2022, her net worth is $2 million. The amount is simply an estimate based on identifying various resources. Her income is also derived from modeling and acting in different projects. We will update you when we receive more information regarding her net worth.

social media

As a social media superstar with a huge following, Jade Lavoie is no stranger to negative remarks online. Besides Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, she also maintains a YouTube channel and Twitter account. With over 63.8k followers on Twitter, 87.1k on FB, and 606k followers on IG. Occasionally, she posts videos showing how she responds to negative comments on TikTok. She has attracted the attention and approval of her 400,000 followers and other people.

Moreover, the clips act as a conversation starter and illustrate the extreme expectations that society has forced women to conform to. She has received her fair share of harsh comments and uncalled-for criticism throughout the internet. Her physical appearance is attacked by some, while others question her character.


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