Is Kate Haberfield Leaving NBN News? Career Earning And Net Worth

Kate Haberfield is leaving her job with NBN News. Her fans around the world are curious about her next career move.

Kate Haberfield, a renowned communicator, TV presenter, and host, has left NBN News, where she had served as the Senior reporter/presenter. Haberfield is famous for being the first female sports presenter in the news channel’s history. She graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and started her professional career in Australia in the early 2000s.

After leaving NBN News, Kate Haberfield’s fans are curious to know where she is headed next. With her expertise and charisma, she has made a name for herself in the industry and has gained a massive following. As a prominent figure in the media industry, her departure from NBN News has created a buzz among her followers, leaving them eagerly anticipating her next move.

Although Kate Haberfield’s plans after leaving NBN News are yet to be disclosed, her fans are hopeful that she will continue to excel in her career. Given her track record of success, it is expected that she will land a prominent role in the media industry, one that will allow her to showcase her skills and expertise. In the meantime, her supporters will be keeping a close eye on her social media accounts for any updates on her future endeavors.

In conclusion, Kate Haberfield’s departure from NBN News has raised eyebrows and sparked interest among her followers.

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Is Kate Haberfield Leaving NBN News? Where Is She Going?

Kate Haberfield, the first female sports presenter in NBN News’ 60-year history, has bid farewell to the network after almost 14 years. In an emotional Instagram post, the veteran news host announced her departure from the network, expressing her pride in having achieved the coveted role while juggling motherhood.

Kate Haberfield at NBN newsroom on the last day of her work. (Image Source: Kate Haberfield Instagram)

Haberfield thanked her followers for their support and shared her gratitude for the experience and lifelong friendships she gained during her two-decade-long career in newsrooms. Her departure from NBN News has created a buzz among her fans, leaving them eager to know what her future holds.

In her farewell message, Haberfield expressed her hope that her trailblazing work as the first female sports presenter at NBN News would make the road smoother for the next female sports fanatic who sits in the chair she left. She revealed that forging that path had not been easy, but she was proud of her achievement.

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Kate Haberfield Is Happily Married And Has A Few Kids

While Kate Haberfield has made headlines with her departure from NBN News, not much is known about her personal life. The veteran news host has been happily married to her husband, Aaron Haberfield, for several years, and the couple has two children – a daughter and a son.

Kate Haberfield with her husband, Aaron, and their kids. (Image Source: Instagram)

Aaron Haberfield is a film director, producer, and editor who runs Toybox Films, a production company that collaborates with small to medium-sized agencies, marketing departments, and internal creative teams to produce excellent film and video content. According to his LinkedIn profile, his company specializes in web movies and TV/online commercials.

Kate Haberfield Career Earning And Net Worth

As Kate Haberfield leaves NBN News, it is natural to wonder about her net worth. With over two decades of experience as a sports reporter and presenter, Kate’s annual earnings must have exceeded the average AU$43,744 earned by NBN News television journalists and broadcasters.

Before her tenure at NBN Television, Kate worked as a newsreader and reporter at various media outlets like Australian Radio Network, PRIME7, WiIN Corporation, and Southern Cross Austereo. She also served as a breakfast editor at NOVA Entertainment from August 2008 to June 2009. With such an extensive career in the media industry, it is safe to assume that Kate’s net worth must be a commendable sum.

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