How Many Tattoos Does Justin Tafa Have? Meaning And Design

People want to know about Justin Tafa Tattoos and their design and meaning. Let’s explore more details regarding Justin Tafa Tattoo and other personal details.

Australian mixed martial artist Justin Tafa has been making waves in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Heavyweight category. Born in New Zealand with Samoan ancestry, Tafa made his professional debut by stopping Dylan Tiaaleaiga in the second round at XFC 30.

At XFC 36, Tafa was scheduled to compete against Jeremy Joiner for the XFC Heavyweight championship. The fight was over in just 28 seconds, thanks to a TKO.

Tafa’s promotional debut was on October 6, 2019, at UFC 243, where he faced off against Yorgan De Castro. Unfortunately, Tafa was knocked out in the opening round.

However, Tafa didn’t let that setback deter him. He returned to the octagon on February 8, 2020, at UFC 247, where he fought Juan Adams. In the first round, he secured a TKO victory, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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How Many Tattoos Does Justin Tafa Have? Their Design And Meaning

When it comes to Justin Tafa’s tattoos, there’s a lot to take in. Over the course of a few days of observation, fans can spot wings, a Celtic band, and other designs on the fighter’s arms and torso.

But there’s more to Tafa’s ink than just cool designs. On his left arm, he has a tattoo of his beloved grandfather, serving as a tribute to the strength and endurance he inherited from his family. Meanwhile, his right arm and sides of his stomach showcase mandala art designs, offering a glimpse into Tafa’s personal style.

Justin Tafa during his fighter profile shoot. (Source: Instagram)

The fighter’s coat of arms is a reflection of his Eastern European heritage, with intricate designs and meaningful symbols that represent his cultural background.

Of course, Tafa isn’t the only MMA fighter with a love for tattoos. In fact, body art seems to be a common feature among many combatants in the sport. While some fighters may have tattoos that didn’t turn out quite as they planned, others boast incredible artwork that showcases their personal style and identity.

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Personal Life Details Of Justin Tafa 

Justin Tafa, the Australian mixed martial artist competing in the UFC’s Heavyweight category, was born into a loving family on December 13, 1993, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Justin Tafa with kids. (Source: Instagram)

Raised in Avondale, a suburb of West Auckland, Tafa comes from a family with a strong fighting background, including a grandfather who was a national boxing champion and three brothers who have all competed in professional fights.

One of his brothers, Junior Tafa, is also an MMA fighter and currently competes in the UFC’s Heavyweight division. As for Justin’s personal life, there is no news of him being married or having any kids, but he does occasionally post pictures with two little boys.

Justin Tafa Net Worth And Career Earnings In 2023 

Justin Tafa’s financial success is a testament to his hard work and dedication. The young fighter has already made a name for himself in the UFC, and it is evident that his earning potential will only increase as he continues to progress in his career.

While his current net worth of $200,000 may not be among the highest in the sport, it is still impressive, given his age and relatively short time as a professional fighter.

With endorsement deals and other sources of income, Tafa’s financial standing is likely to grow significantly over the coming years.

Furthermore, Tafa’s fighting prowess is already undeniable, having made a name for himself in just five professional fights. Even more impressive is that he has earned $165,500 in his career, despite losing three of his bouts.

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