Has Yasin Cengiz Died In Earthquake? Skibidi Bop Guy Death Hoax- Where Is Tiktok Star Now?

Everyone on Tiktok knows Yasin Cengiz, the famous “Skibidi dub dub yes yes” guy. Several rumors are stating Yasin Cengiz died in earthquake.

Yasin Cengiz, a Turkish social media influencer, captured the hearts of many with his viral dance moves on Instagram and TikTok. Despite his background in construction, Yasin’s talent for dance brought him fame across the internet.

The journey to stardom began when Yasin posted a video of himself performing a belly dance to the tune of Skibidi dub dub yes yes on TikTok. The video quickly spread throughout Turkey, and he continued to share more of his dance routines.

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Has Yasin Cengiz Died In Earthquake?

No, Yasin Cengiz has not died in an earthquake. Since he is from Turkey and it recently faced a severe earthquake, people assumed his demise.

Due to social media’s popularity as a news source, misinformation can spread easily and deceive people. This happened to Yasin, who was the subject of death hoaxes.

The Turkish media personality is known for his humorous dance moves and is active on social media as a TikTok star, content creator, singer, and entrepreneur. 

Yasin is widely recognized as the “Tummy Dancer” due to his signature dance step (Source: Reddit)

Yasin is widely recognized as the “Tummy Dancer” due to his signature dance step.

He has gained a large following on TikTok, with over 7 million followers. He is active on his social media account and regularly posts videos of himself dancing.

A week ago, Cengiz posted a video of him dancing in the snow, while a couple of days ago, he was seen dancing next to a man making a large pot of soup.

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Death Hoax Debunked- More On Skibidi Bop Guy

Tragedy struck recently when a devastating earthquake hit parts of the United States, leaving many injured and others dead. Among the many rumors and false information circulating on social media, false news about the death of popular influencer Yasin Cengiz has been gaining traction on TikTok.

According to the misinformation, Yasin had passed away, and images of a funeral and a video montage with the message “RIP YASIN CENGIZ” have been shared widely on the platform. However, these rumors are entirely untrue.

The death news of Yasin Cengiz was only a hoax (Source: Gorilla Overview)

This isn’t the first time Yasin has been the target of such a death hoax. Just a few months ago, in January 2023, social media was buzzing with false reports claiming that the influencer had died of a heart attack.

The news of Yasin’s supposed death led to an outpouring of grief and condolences from fans all over the world. However, it was later revealed that the reports were entirely fake, and Yasin was, in fact, still alive.

Where Is TikTok Star, Yasin Cengiz Now?

The online community can rest easy as beloved TikTok star Yasin Cengiz is still alive and well despite false rumors circulating on social media. It’s unclear whether he’s taking a break or working on a new viral video, but fans are eagerly anticipating his return.

Given the recent devastating earthquake and its impact on Yasin’s home country, it’s understandable if he needs to take a step back from creating content. Regardless, supporters are flooding social media with inquiries about his whereabouts and well-being.

Yasin gained further exposure when he was invited to CZN Burak’s restaurant (Source: Haberler)

Yasin’s popularity skyrocketed when his videos began to go viral on various social media platforms. His content has even been featured in other users’ videos, further increasing his reach and influence.

Moreover, Yasin’s appearance at CZN Burak’s restaurant, a prominent chef in Turkey, earned him even more exposure. CZN Burak shared one of Yasin’s videos on Instagram, which garnered a global audience and propelled the TikTok star’s popularity to new heights

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