Dj Carey Sister Illness: What Happened To Catriona Carey? Health Update

Dj Carey sister illness has been reported in the media. Let’s see what happened to Catriona Carey. 

Former Irish sports stars and siblings DJ Carey and sister Angela are going through a challenging time as Angela battles an undisclosed illness. DJ Carey, a hurling legend, and Angela, a camogie player, both made their names representing Ireland in their respective sports.

The Carey family is no stranger to sports; in fact, they have a rich history in hurling and camogie, as several members of the family have played at the highest level. The Carey siblings were born into a family of seven children, and their extended family has produced some of the most legendary figures in Irish sports history.

Paddy Phelan, their granduncle, was a hurler in the 1930s, and he was named as one of the players in the GAA Hurling Team of the Century and the GAA Team of The Millennium. Peggy Carey, their aunt, is a four-time All-Ireland camogie title winner, adding to the family’s impressive sporting pedigree

Dj Carey Sister Illness

Recent rumors of former Irish sports star DJ Carey’s sister, Catriona Carey, battling an illness are not true. As of February 2023, Catriona, a former international hockey player, is doing well.

Dj Carey’s sister Catriona Carey does not have any significant illness. (Source: Evoke)

In fact, the 45-year-old recently spoke out about being a victim of the flu medicine shortage, which caused her some inconvenience. However, it is clear that she is not suffering from any serious illness.

Catriona has recently made headlines for other reasons, as she was given a suspended prison sentence for driving without a license or insurance. She has also been in the media for fraudulent records as an accountant, which has been a source of controversy for her.

Catriona Carey Convicted Of Fraud 

Catriona Carey, the sister of Irish sports star DJ Carey, has a troubling past involving fraudulent business practices. In 2020, she was convicted of theft and fraud after it was discovered that she had forged a cheque to make it payable to herself instead of the intended payee.

In 2022, an investigation by RTÉ Investigates uncovered an elaborate scam that Carey had carried out, which involved her company Careysfort Asset Estates. The media scrutinized her, and many complaints were lodged against her company, leading to the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau searching her home and seizing her car as part of the investigation.

Catriona Carey is in the middle of a mortgage scam controversy. (Source: The Irish Sun)

The Irish Independent described her as a “convicted swindler,” and the GNECB received at least 30 complaints about her company. Carey was given a suspended sentence for fraud and disqualified from driving for several offenses.

But this wasn’t the first time Carey had been accused of fraudulent practices. She was previously fined for VAT fraud while working as an accountant at her brother’s clearing company. In 2008, she was fined €1,500 for producing an incorrect invoice to the Revenue Commissioners, and in 2006, she was found guilty of providing incorrect information and claiming a repayment of VAT to which she was not entitled.

More About Catriona Carey

Catriona Carey, a former Irish international hockey player, was a prominent figure in Ireland’s national field hockey team from 1998 to 2006, earning 72 caps in total.

Catriona Carey is a former international hockey player. (Source: Irish Mirror)

She was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland, in 1977, and played for the Kilkenny camogie team in her younger days. She represented the Iceland team at the 2005 Women’s EuroHockey Nations Championship in Dublin.

After retiring from international hockey, Carey continued playing club hockey for the Hermes Ladies’ Hockey Club. She was also a member of the Clara GAA team that won the Féile Na nGael Camogie Division 1 competition in 1992.

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