Daz Black Girlfriend 2023: Who Is He Dating? Relationship Timeline With Soheila Clifford

After rumors of his death were debunked on the Internet, fans are curious to know who is Daz Black Girlfriend 2023? He recently posted a picture to Instagram, raising suspicions from his fans. 

English YouTuber Darren “Daz” Black, popularly known as Daz Games, was born on August 7, 1985. Daz’s humorous drawings on Vine and his second YouTube channel, Daz Black, have also garnered him a substantial following.

Daz’s first claim to social media fame was his entertaining sketches on Vine. After that, he created his first YouTube video, titled “Hello from Daz Games: The Killzone has begun!”, where he initially just featured video games.

As of 2023, Daz has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, whose identity is currently unknown to the public. Fans of Daz Games are always curious to know about the identity of the lucky lady in his life. With the current year in question, people are eager to know if there have been any updates on Daz Black’s girlfriend.

Who Is Daz Black Girlfriend 2023?

English YouTuber Daz Black recently posted a picture on his Instagram account while he was in Egypt. The first image in the carousel was of him posing with a girl, sparking speculation among his fans about her identity.

Daz Black with his Girlfriend in Egypt. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, there is currently no information available about who this mystery girl might be. While it is confirmed that the couple has been together for quite some time, her identity remains unknown to the public.

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Daz Black Relationship Timeline

Daz Black was raised in Hastings, England, in a Christian middle-class family. He holds an English passport and practices Christianity with devotion.

After completing his primary education at a nearby high school in Hastings, England, Daz enrolled in Hastings College of Arts & Technology, where he obtained his degree.

Daz Black With Girlfriend. (Source: MoneyProMax)

Daz was previously married to Kate, with whom he had a daughter. Although they parted ways in 2018, they maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Following his divorce, Daz began dating singer Soheila Clifford in 2019. However, the couple announced their separation in 2022 through a YouTube video.

Currently, Daz is in a relationship with a woman whose identity remains unknown to the public.

Who is Soheila Clifford?

Soheila Clifford is a well-known singer who gained fame after appearing on The X Factor. She is also recognized as the frontwoman of the band Control the Storm.

Clifford was born to Farideh and David Clifford. She dated Daz Black for a while and made frequent appearances in his YouTube videos during their relationship.

Apart from her music career, Clifford has also appeared in various musical theater productions, including She, A Christmas Carol, and Alchemy the Musical. Her diverse talents and passion for music and theater have garnered her a loyal following of fans who admire her creative endeavors.

What is Daz Black Net Worth in 2023?

Daz Black has been creating content on YouTube for a significant amount of time, and as a result, he has built up an extensive following of viewers. He has also managed to secure several sponsorships, which have undoubtedly contributed to his success.

Daz Black At The Premiere Of SpiderMan No Way Home. (Source: HITC)

With all of this in mind, it is safe to say that Daz has established a significant reputation for himself in the online content creation space. Furthermore, he has also accumulated quite a fortune throughout his career.

As of 2023, Daz Black’s estimated net worth is approximately 10 million dollars, a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft. Given his continued success, it is likely that his net worth will continue to grow in the future.

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