Darron Price Arrested In Relation To Deadly House Explosion- Is He Now Jail?

Police have updated the public on Darron Price arrest case; the man was arrested in the Deadly House Explosion incident, which took place on Thursday. 

A recent explosion in an urban area of the USA has left one person dead, while two others and a firefighter were injured and admitted to the hospital since Thursday. No updates on their health have been released yet, but the police have made an arrest in the case.

53-year-old Darron Price has been taken into custody as the main suspect in the case. However, investigations are ongoing, and many people who witnessed the explosion have been interviewed.

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Darron Price Arrested In Relation To Deadly House Explosion

53-year-old Darron Price has been booked on multiple charges, including manslaughter, manufacturing drugs, and two counts of child endangerment, in connection to a house explosion that occurred in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. The blast destroyed two houses and put the neighbors in bad condition.

Suspect arrested in a deadly explosion at San Francisco home; Evidence shows drug lab. (Image Source: CBS News)

Members of the community have been helping to clean up the area, with one person stating, “The extent of the glass in the house was unbelievable. We picked up two garbage cans of glass, and we’re still picking up glass.”

The reason for the explosion is still unknown, and people are eager for more information. According to reports, the house where the incident occurred belonged to a couple with two children, who were thankfully at school during the explosion.

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Is Darron Price Now In Jail? Where Is He Now? 

The suspect in the San Francisco Sunset District house explosion has been in jail since Friday evening after being booked on multiple charges. Police confirmed the presence of a drug lab inside the house and believe that the explosion was caused by it.

If Darron Price pleads guilty, he could be sentenced to more than ten years in jail or even life in prison. Despite his arrest, investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

San Francisco home explosion leaves 1 dead and Two injured. (Image Source: KTVU)

Residents in the surrounding area have been following the news closely since Thursday and are eager to learn more about the reason behind the deadly explosion that affected two neighboring houses.

As the investigation continues, more information about the suspect and the events leading up to the incident is expected to come to light. The affected residents are still in the process of cleaning up the debris left behind by the blast.

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