Dance 100: Who Is Kane Walcott Girlfriend? Wikipedia, Age And Family

Kane Walcott girlfriend is Amy Jarvis. Walcott is a professional dancer signed to AJK Dance Agency and is now a contestant in Dance 100.

Kane Walcott, a prominent dancer, and choreographer is all set to make his mark in Netflix’s new reality competition series called Dance 100, which is slated to air on Friday, March 17, 2023, at 3 am ET/2 am CT.

The show features eight talented choreographers competing against each other to create the most intricate and impressive dance routines, with a whopping $100,000 prize money at stake.

Apart from his appearance on Dance 100, Kane Walcott boasts an impressive portfolio of dance credits, including popular shows like Britain’s Got Talent, Alan Carr, Morrisons, and Timberland.

As an artist associated with London-based dance agency AJK, Walcott has honed his skills and developed a level of expertise in dance, making him one of the most sought-after choreographers in the industry.

With his natural flair for dance, Kane Walcott has turned his passion into a successful career, signing with a reputed agency and receiving extensive training and experience in various dance styles. While Walcott’s professional achievements are well-documented, little is known about his personal life.

Dance 100: Who Is Kane Walcott Girlfriend?

Kane Walcott is not just a skilled dancer and choreographer, but also a man in love with his girlfriend, Amy Jarvis. The identity of Walcott’s significant other was previously shrouded in mystery, but it has been revealed that she is a flight attendant who shares stunning travel portraits on her Instagram account.

Despite their hectic schedules, Kane and Amy make time for each other and often share pictures of their adventures on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. In addition, Amy has a YouTube channel with 646 subscribers, where she shares travel vlogs and other content.

Kane Walcott’s girlfriend is Amy Jarvis (Source: Instagram)

Aside from his love life, Kane Walcott is a multi-talented performer who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He is well-known for his versatility in various dance styles and singing, earning him a massive following on social media platforms.

With his captivating brown eyes, striking black hair, and impressive height of 5’10, Kane is a sight to behold. His measurements include a waist of 33 inches, hips of 41 inches, and a chest size of 38 inches, and his shoe size is 9.5.

More On Kane Walcott: Wikipedia, Age Family

Kane Walcott is a rising star in the entertainment industry, but little is known about his personal life. The dancer has not mentioned any details about his family in interviews or on social media, and he does not have a Wikipedia page.

While his date of birth is unknown, it is speculated that he is in his late twenties. Despite the lack of information about his background, Kane’s talent and hard work have spoken for themselves.

Walcott is a professional dancer signed to AJK Dance Agency (Source: AJK Agency)

Kane has an impressive range of dance skills, including Commercial, Contemporary, Jazz, Street Dance, Hip Hop, House, Popping, Locking, Dancehall, Ice Skating, Roller-Skating, and Roller Blading. His versatility makes him a dynamic performer who can adapt to various styles and genres with ease.

Kane has showcased his talent on different platforms, including Britain’s Got Talent and Alan Carr, gaining exposure and winning over audiences with his skills. He has also worked with renowned brands such as Morrisons and Timberland, a testament to his professionalism and the value industry professionals place on his talent.

Despite his success, Kane remains focused on improving his craft and continuing to entertain audiences with his performances.

Kane Walcott Is The Dancer On Netflix Dance 100

Kane’s extensive experience in dance and performance has undoubtedly prepared him for the challenges of the show.

He has previously worked with London-based dance agency AJK and has had the opportunity to showcase his skills on various platforms.

Kane’s dancing and singing skills set him apart from many other performers (Source: CYD? TV)

Despite being relatively unknown outside of the dance world, Kane’s talent and passion for his craft have not gone unnoticed.

He continues to work hard to hone his skills and expand his repertoire, evident in his wide range of dance styles, including Commercial, Contemporary, Jazz, Street Dance, Hip Hop, House, Popping, Locking, Dancehall, Ice Skating, Roller-Skating, and Roller Blading.

As he competes on Dance 100 and expands his career, Kane Walcott is undoubtedly one to watch, and his performances are sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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