Corey Aughey Death and Obituary: 6-Year-Old Boy Died- Body Found In Pool

Corey Aughey death has left his family shattered as the 6-year-old boy died after getting drowned in a resort’s swimming pool.

Corey Aughey’s death is a tragedy that captured the attention of media outlets around the world. The young boy from North Belfast passed away while on vacation in Spain, leaving his loved ones and everyone who knew him heartbroken.

Despite his tender age, Corey had touched the lives of many, and his passing served as a stark reminder of the fragility of life. The loss of such a young life is truly heart-wrenching, and the pain felt by his family and friends is immeasurable.

A year has passed since Corey’s death, but his memory lives on. His parents are now setting up a charity in his honor, which will undoubtedly help to keep his legacy alive. The charity will serve as a testament to Corey’s kind heart and his unwavering spirit.

Corey Aughey Obituary – Parents Set Up Charity

Corey Aughey’s passing in June 2022 was a heartbreaking tragedy that touched the hearts of many. The young boy, who was affectionately described as a “true angel” by his family, passed away after falling into a pool on the first day of his family holiday in Majorca.

His family released Corey Aughey’s death statement. ( Source: Twitter )

Despite being on life support in intensive care for three days, Corey sadly lost his battle for life. The obituary paints a picture of a life filled with love, surrounded by a caring family. He was a much-loved son to Leanne and Colin and a cherished brother to Jay, Darci, and Joel.

In honor of Corey’s memory, his parents have set up the Corey Aughey Foundation. The family is participating in the Belfast Marathon on April 30th to raise funds for the foundation. The charity aims to give children the opportunity to learn how to swim and support essential causes such as the Air Ambulance NI and Children’s Hospice.

Corey Aughey Died After Drowning In Pool

Corey Aughey’s passing at just six years old is a heartbreaking story that has touched the hearts of many. The young boy fell into a pool in Majorca and was taken to a Spanish hospital. Despite the best efforts of emergency responders, he remained in critical condition until he passed away, despite 30 minutes of CPR.

Following Corey’s tragic death, his family started a fundraiser to raise $29,682 to honor his memory. They collected an impressive total of $25,256, demonstrating the community’s love and support for Corey and his family.

Corey Aughey with his pet dog. ( Source: The Irish Sun )

It’s worth noting that Corey played a significant role as a scout in the 45th Belfast Scout Group, a community organization that meets at the Immanuel Church of Ireland in Ardoyne. Corey’s involvement in the organization is a testament to his character and the positive impact he had on those around him.

What Is Corey Aughey Foundation?

The Corey Aughey Foundation is continuing to make strides in promoting water safety and raising funds for charities. Since its inception, the foundation has organized a variety of events to promote its mission, such as a charity walk and the Belfast Marathon.

Corey Aughey Foundation releases a recent update. ( Source: GoFundMe )

The organization’s primary goal remains fostering water safety awareness among children and providing them with the opportunity to learn to swim. The foundation also recognizes the importance of CPR training and defibrillator distribution and continues to support air ambulance services.

Through its efforts, the Corey Aughey Foundation is working towards creating a safer and healthier community for everyone. As they continue to organize events and spread awareness, they hope to make a positive impact on society and honor the legacy of Corey Aughey.

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