Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator drops 18 hints about Gina’s fate, spring episodes

Even though Gina’s bus was the one that killed her, it’s time to board it again. Tonight, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to Fox at 8 p.m. PT/ET for the final episode of the season. Gina or the bus? These two questions will be resolved when the police sitcom debuts in spring. A twist might be introduced that folds the Nine-Nine. Co-creator Dan Goor discusses upcoming episodes of Jake (Andy Samberg) and his crimefighting pals.

  1. “We find out almost immediately,” “Within the first 30 seconds, there is resolution.” “I would say it’s shocking. It’s an appropriate payoff for what happens when you get hit by a bus at 40 miles per hour.
  2. “It’s out of the frying pan into the fire. One precinct is going to get shut down in Brooklyn and the person who’s making that decision is Amy’s ex-boyfriend – oh, and Jake broke them up. Jake and Amy [Melissa Fumero] are freaked out; the squad is freaked out. I like this type of episode because everyone in the squad has a common purpose, the stakes are shared, the stakes are real and high and, as a result, you get really fun pairings and heightened comedy. And because it’s Teddy [Kyle Bornheimer], an ex-boyfriend who Jake knew, we get to do a Jake-Amy relationship story [with] work stakes.” “We’ve wanted to bring back Teddy for a really long time because Kyle is so funny as Teddy — and I think this may be his best performance,” “The jazz brunch sequences and him talking about jazz brunch cracks me up every time.”
  3. “Things definitely become competitive between Jake and Teddy — and a proposal or two may occur,” teases Goor.
  4. “Terry [Terry Crews] attempts to speak Japanese to a photocopier.”
  5. “It should be pointed out that Charles [Joe Lo Truglio] spends most of the episode dressed in a catsuit, complete with a tail, and ends up getting stuck in the ceiling,” “The fate of the precinct may depend on Charles Boyle’s personal bottle of wolf urine.”
  6. “The threat is even greater in the second episode as the audit continues, and a new auditor comes in who turns out to be, in an incredible coincidence, Terry’s ex-girlfriend.” “The fun of the episode is nobody hates Terry; it’s impossible to hate Terry. So when one person doesn’t like Terry, it drives him a little bit crazy.”
  7. “This is Jake’s dream assignment,” “The only thing he likes more than being a cop is movies and TV shows about cops, so when he gets to dive into that world, his head explodes. It gives him the opportunity to try out all of his terrible catchphrases — ‘Lead the way, hombre,’ for instance — badge flip moves, and intense stares. But as we often do with these Jake fantasies about the police and show business, I think they’re quickly and frequently deflated by reality.”
  8. “Mark Devereaux has clearly lost the ability to differentiate between the real world and his role, and he pisses off Jake and Rosa when he begins dusting for fingerprints himself and when he begins interviewing PAs,” “He’s a little out of touch, thinking at one point that a PA makes ’30 hundred thousand dollars’ a year.”
  9. “Terry tries to work it out with the cop by going out to dinner with him, but that doesn’t work out, and he has to decide to whether or not to file a formal complaint,” says Goor. “To a certain extent, it’s the question of: Am I blue or am I black?” “because our heroes are the police, so it’s difficult to talk about the police in an abstract way,” “We’ve talked about a million different stories and I think this one really works. It felt very natural and real, but at the same time we’ve managed to make it as funny as any other Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode.”
  10. “Hitchcock [Dirk Blocker] gets a tattoo of himself with a gun in his mouth,” “You see a lot of Hitchcock’s naked chest, naked stomach, and naked arms.”
  11. “Scully [Joel McKinnon Miller] finds his She-Scully — and falls in love,” “It’s intense,” says Goor, “and sincere.”
  12. “Charles becomes so worried, his hair turns completely white as he becomes wheelchair-bound,” “That’s how high the stakes are toward the end of the season.”
  13. “We see Terry dance to ’90s hip-hop on a fake MTV Beach House show called Da Basement.”
  14.  “Jake ties a fire hose around himself and Die Hards off a roof,” “It doesn’t,” he responds. “But it doesn’t go as badly as it could.”
  15. “Amy takes the sergeant’s exam, and the two of them have to talk about what it would mean,” “She worries that if she passes and becomes his boss, it will mess things up with her and Jake.” In other Amy news, she “tells a child that ‘orgasm’ is another word for orange juice.”
  16. “Rosa is forced to admit that she went to a La La Land singalong,, Voluntarily” 
  17. “Holt comes out to ask a detective to help, and Amy freaks out so hard after seeing Holt’s mom that he is quickly forced to choose Jake.” “They have a very formal relationship as you would expect. The apple does not fall far from the tree. At one point she says in the flattest, most deadpanned way, ‘Ah, yes, humor. There’s nothing more that I love than laughter and laughing,’ as she stands cross-armed next to a cross-armed Holt.”
  18.  “We see a piece of macaroni art that captain Holt did as a child,” says Goor. “It’s a macaroni infographic about the educational spending habits of the Johnson administration.”

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