Anil Bheem Death And Obituary: How Did The Vocalist Die? Family And Net Worth

The internet is flooded with tributes after Radio station 103.1FM confirmed Anil Bheem Death via Facebook. Check out more details on his family and networth in this article.

Anil Bheem, also known as “The Vocalist,” was a well-known singer and radio personality in the United States. He was a prominent figure in the music industry, and his passing at the age of 48 has left his fans heartbroken.

Apart from his successful career as a singer and RJ, Anil was also the founder and leader of The BMRZ Empire. He was a versatile artist who had a deep passion for music, and his unique style and melodious voice won the hearts of many.

Anil’s popularity soared in the 1990s, thanks to his Saturday morning show, Chutney Train, which became the number-one national Indian program. His show was a perfect blend of music, entertainment, and community news, and it quickly became a favorite among listeners.

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Anil Bheem Death And Obituary: How Did The Vocalist Die?

The news of Anil Bheem’s sudden passing has shocked the music community and left his fans mourning. The Trinidadian singer and radio personality passed away on February 4, 2023, after performing at two pre-Carnival events.

According to Trinidad Express, Bheem died shortly after his performances, and the actual reason for his death is yet to be confirmed. However, fans and spectators believe that heart failure could be one of the leading causes.

Bheem’s death was confirmed by his employer, 103.1 FM, through a Facebook post at around 6.20 am. The station expressed their condolences and described him as a talented artist and an essential part of their family.

Before his untimely death, the Vocalist had performed at an event in Chaguanas and later at 103.1 FM’s Fenomenal Fridays at Rig Restaurant in La Romaine. His fans and colleagues remember him for his unique voice, captivating performances, and his love for music.

Meet Anil Bheem Family: Meet His Wife Cheryl Bheem

Anil Bheem’s legacy goes beyond his music, and he leaves behind a family who loved him dearly. The singer and radio personality was married to his wife, Cheryl Bheem, and they had two daughters, Neelun Bheem and Prithivi Bheem, and grandchildren.

Despite being a public figure, Anil kept his family out of the limelight, and there is only a handful of information about them. However, his mother, Pramatee Bheem, is a famous local singer, and according to sources, her son used to practice singing during downtime in the studio.

Anil was survived by his mother, Pramatee, wife Cheryl, two daughters, Neelun and Prithivi and grandchildren. (Source: Facebook)

Anil’s sudden passing on February 4, 2023, left his family and fans devastated. The news was confirmed by his employer, 103.1 FM, who extended their condolences to his wife, daughters, family, friends, colleagues in the industry, and fans.

Anil’s career began in 1993 as a technical operator at 103FM, the first all-Indian music station in Trinidad and Tobago. He later became the lead vocalist and rose to fame for his Saturday morning Chutney Train, the number-one national Indian program in the 1990s. As the Vocalist, Anil covered verses from popular Bollywood songs sung by Kumar Sanu, India’s celebrated playback singer.

How Much Was Anil Bheem Net Worth At The Time Of Death?

Anil Bheem, known for his melodious voice and radio personality, had an estimated net worth of $1 million at the time of his passing. He had been working at 103.1 FM for several years and was the host of the popular afternoon program Catch the Rhythms.

Anil was also the founder and leader of The BMRZ Empire, and he recently recorded a local favorite, Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki, under the title The Indian Anthem, along with his band. The median gross salary in Trinidad & Tobago, according to salary experts, is $99,416, or an equivalent hourly rate of $48.

Anil Bheem Funeral: Cause Of Death Update

It is unfortunate that Anil Bheem passed away at such a young age, and his fans and loved ones mourn his loss. The news of his sudden demise shocked many, and his contributions to the music industry will always be remembered.

It is sad that he had to face such a tough schedule that led to his untimely death due to a heart attack. Anil’s funeral was held at the National Council of Indian Culture’s Divali Nagar site in Chaguanas, where his family and loved ones paid their respects.

It is heartwarming to see that his legacy continues to live on, and his fans can find solace in his music and memories.

Anil Bheem’s Eulogy By His Wife Cheryl Bheem At His Funeral

During Anil Bheem’s funeral, many talked about the legend, and his wife also gave a eulogy to her late husband. In her speech, Cheryl gave out the name of Anil’s father, Krishna Bheem.

Further, she revealed the late star was the brother to twins Vimy, Navin, and Devi Bheem. Cheryl also revealed that the late legend was a grandfather to his grandkids, Zaya, Ruhi, and Raees.

The late singer Anil Bheem funeral. (Source: YouTube)

Through her eulogy, Anil’s wife shared that the late singer loved his family and used to give them time despite his busy professional life.

Nevertheless, Anil spouse’s also made it clear how much the late singer loved his pet dogs, Gucci and Sushi. Anil used to play with them, and his dogs brought him immense joy.

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