Angel iris murphy brown

Angel Iris Murphy Brown is a well-known celebrity kid. Daughter of Spice Girls fame Mel B and Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy, Angel Iris Murphy Brown was born on April 3, 2007. Angel was the result of Mel B and Eddie Murphy’s short-lived romance. Initially, Murphy had denied the paternity of Angel. However, a court-ordered DNA test on June 22, 2007, the test proved that Murphy was, in fact, Angel’s father. 

What age is Angel Iris Murphy Brown?

15 years (2007)

Angel Iris Murphy Brown / Age

When was Angel Murphy born?

Angel Iris Murphy Brown Biography; Net Worth, Age And School Of Eddie Murphy’s Daughter. Angel Iris Murphy Brown is an American celebrity kid who is popularly known as the daughter of Eddie Murphy. Angel Iris Murphy Brown was born on 3 April 2007 in California to Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown, popularly known as Mel B

Angel Iris Murphy Brown’s net worth

Net worth: $85 million 

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