Andreas Mavroyiannis New Wife Lena Shamoun: His First Wife Kalliopi Efthyvoulou Died Of Cancer

Andreas Mavroyiannis and his new wife, Lena Shamoun, married each other in 2021 after his first wife, Kalliopi Efthyvoulou, died of Cancer in 2014.

Andreas Mavroyiannis, a well-known diplomat and politician hailing from Cyprus, is making headlines lately not just because of his political career, but also because of his personal life. Recently, he made an announcement about his new wife, which has sparked the interest of many.

With his past experience as an Ambassador to the United Nations and his multiple postings in various diplomatic positions, Mavroyiannis has been highly regarded by many for his impactful works in government. In 2023, he is set to run in the Cypriot presidential election as an independent candidate, with the backing of the Progressive Party of Working People and Generation Change.

Despite experiencing a defeat in the second half of his last candidacy, Mavroyiannis managed to win the first half, and many are expecting him to come back stronger this time around.

Andreas Mavroyiannis New Wife, Lena Shamoun: Explore His Relationship

Andreas Mavroyiannis may be a professional figure, but many people are curious about his personal life and whereabouts due to his popularity. Despite his political career, questions about his relationship status have often arisen among the general public, and many have been searching for updates on his love life.

As it turns out, Mavroyiannis has been married twice in his lifetime, and his new wife’s name is Lena Shamoun. The couple got together in June 2021 and live a mutually understanding lifestyle.

Announcement of independent candidacy for President of the Republic of Cyprus by Andreas Mavroyiannis (Source- Financial Mirror)

Mavroyiannis and Shamoun met four years ago in New York through their mutual friends. During that time, Mr. Mavroyiannis was serving as an ambassador. While not much media coverage is available about his wife, Mavroyiannis has mentioned that she was born to Syrian parents and grew up in New Jersey.

Shamoun pursued a career in fashion before switching to teaching using the Montessori method. Her teaching practice focuses on children aged up to four years old. As for Mavroyiannis, he remains focused on his political career and the upcoming Cypriot presidential election. Keep an eye out for more updates on his political and personal life.

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Andreas Mavroyiannis First Wife Kalliopi Efthyvoulou Died Of Cancer

Andreas Mavroyiannis’s personal life hasn’t been without tragedy. He was previously married to his first wife, Kalliopi Efthyvoulou, whom he married in 1989. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end with Kalliopi’s death due to cancer in 2014. She was around 53 years old at the time of her passing.

Just like Mavroyiannis’s current wife, Kalliopi was a professional teacher with a passion for sailing. She also served on the Cyprus Sailing Federation and National Paralympic Committee board.

Andreas Mavroyiannis’s professional highlights often stay on top, and his personal life is predominantly out of the spotlight (Source: Irish News)

Numerous high-level officials expressed their condolences on her passing, praising her worth and service during her lifetime. Her final rites took place on Thursday at the Panagia Eleousa church in Agros village.

However, there is only a little information available about her personal life, and detailed information remains out of the spotlight.

Andreas Mavroyiannis Kids: How Many Children Does He Have?

Andreas Mavroyiannis is not just a politician and diplomat, but also a father of two children. Many people search for them, curious to know more about his family, but the children have mostly remained out of the spotlight due to privacy concerns.

Mavroyiannis has children only with his first wife and does not seem to have any children from his second marriage. His son, Diomides Mavroyiannis, was born in 1990 when Mavroyiannis was 33 years old. After around three years, he and his wife, Kalliopi Efthyvoulou, became parents to their second child, a daughter named Athena, in 1993. Athena is currently 30 years old.

Mavroyiannis’s second wife maintains good relations with his two children, but they have yet to open up publicly. While their father is often in the public eye, it’s clear that his children value their privacy. We respect their decision and wish them all the best.

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