Amber And Barnett Are Married And Still Together, Divorce Rumors Explained

Amber And Barnett Are Married since 2019. They shared one of the most theatrical relationships In the first season of the Netflix reality show Love Is Blind.

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett’s engagement was one of the most talked-about storylines in Season 1 of the hit Netflix reality show Love Is Blind. Despite initial reservations and doubts, the couple tied the knot and became fan favorites. However, fans have been wondering about the couple’s current status.

One major development that occurred just before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic was the release of Love Is Blind on Netflix. The show’s rapid rise in popularity led to the streaming giant renewing it for five seasons. The series follows a group of singles on a quest for love, as they get to know each other in individual “pods” without ever seeing each other face-to-face until they get engaged.

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Are Love Is Blind Season 1 Couple Amber & Barnett Still Together?

One of the most talked-about couples from the first season of Love Is Blind, Matt Barnett and Amber Pike, are still together over a year after they said their vows in the finale. During the cast’s reunion show, which is currently streaming on Netflix, the couple shared some insights into their relationship.

Amber And Barnett Are Married. (Source Image: Style Caster)

According to Amber and Barnett, they have been exploring the world and learning more about themselves through traveling and trying new experiences. However, not all moments have been happy, and they have been open about their struggles in adjusting to life after filming.

For Amber, one of the biggest challenges was the lack of work, which had put a lot of stress on her husband. The couple has also faced difficulties in adjusting to eating and socializing together as a married couple, but ultimately, it was their differing expectations of marriage that they had to work on the most.

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Amber And Barnett Divorce Rumors Explained

After tying the knot on Love is Blind’s season one finale, Amber and Barnett faced several challenges as they tried to adapt to married life. One major issue they encountered was managing their finances, which led to complications in their relationship. Despite being open with her husband about her financial struggles even before getting married, Amber had to work as a cocktail waitress to support their household.

Amber-And-Banrnett On Netflix Reunion. Source Image: Realitytv)

During the Netflix reunion show, the couple admitted that they had high expectations of each other, which caused some tension in their marriage. “I know I was on the edge of a breakdown because I expected so much of what I wanted from my wife,” Amber said. She even considered hiring a divorce lawyer at one point.

However, the couple was able to work through their issues and is still happily married as of 2022. While they faced some obstacles early on, Amber and Barnett’s love for each other helped them overcome their struggles and build a strong bond that has lasted over a year.

Are Amber And Barnett Going To Have Kids?

Following the drama and difficulties they faced early on in their marriage, Amber and Barnett remain committed to each other and focused on building a strong future together. However, fans have been curious about whether or not the couple plans to start a family.

Love-Is-Blind-Amber-Barnett. (Image: TheCinemaholic)

Despite Amber’s previous desire to be a stay-at-home mom during their time on the show, the couple has revealed in interviews that they want to take things slow and enjoy each other’s company before considering having children.

One reason for this decision is that Barnett is very analytical and wants to make sure they are both ready for the responsibilities and challenges that come with starting a family. The couple wants to focus on strengthening their relationship and building a strong foundation before taking that next step.

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