AKA Death Story: Kiernan Forbes And Tebello Motsoane Shot To Death- Case Update

Kiernan Forbes and Tebello Motsoane were shot to death outside a restaurant in the eastern city of Durban. AKA death story, what’s the case update?

South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, known worldwide as AKA, has passed away at the age of 35, leaving a void in the music industry. Forbes was born and raised in Cape Town and gained recognition after releasing his single “Victory Lap.”

Throughout his career, Forbes won several South African music awards and was even nominated for an MTV Europe music award. However, his fame grew exponentially after releasing studio albums Levels (2014), Touch My Blood (2018), and Bhovamania (2020).

Forbes’ love for music started at an early age, and he pursued it relentlessly. He formed an Entity group with two of his friends, and the trio made waves in the industry. Forbes was the leading rapper in the South African music industry and even featured as a special guest on WWE Live events in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

AKA Death Story: Kiernan Forbes And Tebello Motsoane Shot To Death

The music industry is in shock after the tragic death of South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA. Forbes was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting outside a famous restaurant in Durban on Friday night.

Kiernan Forbes and his close friend were shot in the eastern city of Durban. (Source: YouTube)

According to his family, Forbes was due to perform at a nightclub in Durban as part of his birthday celebration. He had even shared pictures of himself on Instagram just hours before the incident. Unfortunately, one of his close friends, chef, and entrepreneur Tebello Motsoane, was also shot and killed, and Forbes’ bodyguard was injured.

The latest reports confirm that Forbes and Tebello were walking to their car when they were approached by two armed men who shot them at close range. The suspects are still at large, and the motive for the shooting remains unknown.

Kiernan Forbes Case Update

The world of music is mourning the loss of South African rapper Kiernan Forbes, known by his stage name AKA, who tragically passed away in a shooting outside a popular restaurant in Durban.

The incident occurred on a Friday night, when Forbes and his friend Tebello Motsoane were shot. The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing, and no further details have been released.

The sudden and unexpected loss of the rapper has left fans in shock and disbelief. Forbes was an incredibly talented artist who had gained recognition for his music, winning South African awards and being nominated for an MTV Europe music award. He was also a leading rapper in the South African music industry, with a massive following both locally and internationally.

Kiernan Forbes Wife- Was He Married?

The late rapper Kiernan Forbes may have never been married, but he still had a significant impact on the people he loved. One of the most important people in his life was his daughter, Kairo Olwethu Forbes. The rapper had Kairo with his ex-girlfriend, DJ Zinhle, whom he began dating in 2014.

Kiernan Forbes and his daughter, Kairo. (Source: UBETOO)

In 2021, Forbes got engaged to Nelli Tembe, and he excitedly shared a picture on his Instagram account. Unfortunately, tragedy struck just two months later when Tembe passed away after falling from a hotel in Cape Town. Forbes never married after that.

Despite the challenges he faced, Forbes remained a devoted father and friend to those closest to him. He often shared pictures of himself spending quality time with his daughter, and his love for her was clear to all who knew him.

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