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Is Adonis Graham Drake’s kid?

Adonis is Drake’s only child, and his mom is the rapper’s ex and French artist Sophie Brussaux. The musician occasionally shares images of the boy on social media and also brings him to public events.

Adonis graham with his father Drake
Adonis graham with his father Drake

Who is Adonis Mahbed Graham?

Adonis Graham was born on 11 October 2017, making him three years old. His middle name is ‘Mahbed’ which some fans speculate is a reference to Drake’s hit God’s Plan, as his name sounds like the lyrics: “I only love my bed and my mama”.

Does Adonis Graham speak English?

As with any young kid, the topic quickly pivoted from there and Adonis asked his dad if he wants him to speak “en Français [in French].” Sophie Brussaux, mom of Adonis, hails from France, so Adonis is bilingual.

How old is Adonis Graham?

Four years (October 11, 2017)

Adonis Graham mother

Sophie Brussaux

Adonis Graham father


Is Adonis Drake’s biological son?

Pusha T revealed Drake’s secret son in his 2018 disses track, The Story Of Adidon. Drake stayed silent on the claims until he released his 2018 album, Scorpion, where he came clean about his son to the entire world. March 14 is about the moment Drake received the news that Adonis was his son.

Adonis Graham age

Adonis Graham/Age 9 years April, 2022

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