Adelfa Marr

Adelfa was born in 1992, and she is a life coach, actress, staff writer, and freelance writer. She lives in the United States and has her own website under her name. Marr began her career as a life coach sometime in 2019. As a life coach, she conducts life online sessions with different clients.

Adelfa Marr image
Adelfa Marr image

What does Adelfa Marr do?

Marr isn’t only the partner of a celebrity. She created a name for herself writing for websites like 21Ninety, Thirty,, and Byrdie. She also has a personal website that states that she’s also a life coach.

What has Adelfa Marr been in?

Adelfa Marr has 1 IMDb credit and it’s ‘Good Girls

The two even starred in an episode of Good Girls together in 2019 — the second season of the hit show. Marr appeared as Dylan in the one-off cameo as a woman who kissed Rio to make Beth (Hendricks) jealous.

Adelfa Marr birthday

August 3, 1992

Adelfa Marr height

5 feet, 6inches

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