Aaren Simpson

Aaren Lashone Simpson was the youngest child of Orenthal James Simpson, the former American football player who is more popularly known as O. J. Simpson, and his first wife, Marguerite L. Whitley. She had two older siblings, and her father went on to have two more children after he married his second wife, Nicole Brown.

Aaren Simpson photo
Aaren Simpson photo

How old is Aaren Simpson?

1 year (1977–1979)Aaren Simpson / Age at de

What causes the death of Aaren Simpson?

Aaren Simpson was not yet two years old when she wandered outside and fell into a swimming pool. While they got her out before she died, the toddler was in a coma for several days.

Aaren Simpson Parents

The late Aaren was the daughter of O.J. Simpson and Marguerite L. Whitley.

Aaren Simpson Siblings

Aaren had five siblings in total. The firstborn is Arnelle Simpson, born in 1968, followed by Jason L. Simpson, born in 1970. Aaren became the third born. Generally, these were her biological siblings before O.J divorced Whitley.

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